Sword of August

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Pilot SWORD Unit as Rico Lyfer and help him regain total independence. Experience 6 different Forms and Special Maneuvers, 6 Upgradeable Cores, and 10 Supportive Cards through the challenging missions!

WSAD / Arrow : Move
Z / O : Shoot
F : Form Rotate
V : Evolution
1,2,3,4 : Use CARDs
Space : Special / Freiheit
P : Pause

thank you guys for the reviews!

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Amazing gameplay, but probably it would be better to shoot by mouse1 button and click the cards to use them. Also cards upgrades or new card unlocks could be added and the core stats nerfed respectively.

u should create sword of august 2


It's... Okay. To be honest the first level at least was far too easy, and the positioning of the controls hurt my hands. You should make it so that the left mouse button is shooting, even if you can't aim. The CARD activation buttons should be in different places as well; if you have to use something that frequently you'll need to be able to get to it without cutting your fingers off.

Maybe make the boss an actual boss instead of four enemies flying around in circles. That would be nice.

The music was okay for the first three seconds, but after that I was really wondering why the hell this game didn't have a mute button. Anywhere. Seriously, add a mute button for the sake of your fan(s). It would really help those ratings.

That said, the story was pretty good and the card system was okay.

Till Hell Freezes Over,



so... how do you turn that annoying music + sound off?


... Would be the best word to describe it. The music was decent, nothing out of the ordinary- same goes for the art. Usually, I wouldn't give a score this low to a mediocre game, but this one is the one I can't really ignore.

My main complaint would be with the story and overall narration. Apart from being somewhat cliched and lacking, they did not pack as much punch as they were promised to in the description. The dialogue was gramatically incorrect most of the time, the plot was far from what one could call "Deep".

As for the gameplay, it was probably the only thing that did not get in the way AT ALL. Au contraire, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The game was balanced fairly well, not too easy and not too hard. The "Cards" system was a nice addition as well.

And now it's time for some advice. I may not be a professional myself, but even I know this is BIG word. One should not brandish such phrases casually without bearing full responsibility for the consequenses, and actually understanding the possibility of them occuring. Once mentioned, it instantly increases the expectations of users and, if you are not able to meet them, the disappointment. It is also a fairly vague word, but I will not dwell on that. No matter how well you explain the viewer that ONLY A PART of your game is of professional quality, he will still expect everything to be that way.

Next time, if you feel like creating something, proofread. I am not a native speaker myself, but I always seek help if in doubt. I think this covers what I wanted to say. Anyway, keep up the good work- it is clear you have talent, you just need some major polishing. Who knows, maybe we'll uncover a diamond?

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4.19 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2011
2:13 PM EDT
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