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Blood Loss 5 Points

Потеря Крови: Die Multiple Times †

Doorbell 5 Points

Дверной Звонок: Trigger Alarm Multiple Times ¤

Dusty 5 Points

Пыльный: Journey Deep Into Vents ∗

Klepto 5 Points

Клептоман: Steal Worthless Items ¢

Loiter 5 Points

Слоняться Без Дела: Play Game For Hours ∠

Number One 5 Points

Номер Один: Kill Urinating Janitor ≈

Peeping Tom 5 Points

Соглядатай: Spend Time Watching Stripper ∞

Persistent 5 Points

Настойчивый: Miss Perimeter Multiple Times ↵

Respect 5 Points

Уважение: View Contributors ×

Kinky 10 Points

Развращенный: Cut Off Guard Finger ÷

Parkour 10 Points

Паркура: Perimeter Breached ⊥

X-Ray Vision 10 Points

Рентгеновское Зрение: Hack All Vaults ♠♥♦

Clandestine 25 Points

Тайный: Loop Surveillance ››

Guru 25 Points

Гуру: Collect All Upgrades ∀

Hacker 25 Points

Хаер: Hack Security Panels ∂x/∂t

Lock Smith 25 Points

Слесарь: All Doors Unlocked §

Lush 25 Points

Пьяница: Obtain Briefcase Ω

Mechanic 25 Points

Механик: Hack Main Vault ∴

Tasty 25 Points

Вкусный: Unlock Keypad ∝

Utility 25 Points

Утилита: Escape Beyond Perimeter →

Vixen 25 Points

Мегера: Cut Out Eye •

Restless 50 Points

Беспокойный: Zero Saves To Completion Ø

Superficial 50 Points

Неглубокий: Inventory Worth Over 100,000,000 руб ◊

Professional 100 Points

Профессионал: Beat Game In 15 Minutes ‡

Author Comments

[Edit:Jul18 - I uploaded a new version with bug/gameplay fixes. You may have to clear your browser cache. Thanks to the people who provided criticisms and props to those who beat the original.]

This is primarily a puzzle game requiring exploration and clever thinking, and secondarily a 3rd person shooter. It has been described as a hard game and you can expect to take hours completing it the first time.

Watch the Intro.
Keyboard Controls: [Esc]/[P]ause->Options

If you find an error/bug in the game, please PM me or leave a comment describing the problem and detailing where/when it happened. I suggest you save your game in case a major bug is found.

Countless people are to credit for this game reaching completion; You should check out the major contributors in the game credits.


Great, until the keypad

First off I want to say its a great game, love the graphics style, although the controls could be a little better. I was playing through, and I really enjoyed the game - until I got to the door with the keypad. I dusted it to find the right numbers but that's not really helpful. For one, the number is randomly generated, since the dusted numbers change every time you go back to the keypad, this means that there's no pattern to the order of the numbers...
So the real problem is, even with the dusting of the pad you still have to find the right order to press the numbers in, out of a possible 120 combinations. I don't think many people are gonna stick around to try 120 versions of the same 5 numbers to be honest.

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Pikanjo responds:

There's a way to find the single combination the first time. Tricky.


like what you did to the medals! :Db

Whay code keypad

How is a keypad code

meybe solution

controls... etc bugs

The controls wont work on a keyboard, unless you include the mouse.
You can't run in a cirle while running, as the keys simply block up.

Health meter needs to be red, or change color if it gets lower - took a bit to figure out while knifing why I was dying.

The girl looks lovely, but that is about the only strong point the game has so far.
While trying to get in - i fell through the world, not having saved in a while that meant basically starting all over again. Very frustrating, since I just gained 3 mil T_T
Either way, the game needs either a suicide button, or some MUCH better colission detection.

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Pikanjo responds:

So you actually fell through the ground? Could you tell me where that happened?

Maybe Flash isn't the right platform for this game

Y'know, it's a whole lot like a 3rd person Doom variant, plus jumping, minus a way to aim up or down, and instant death just waiting to pounce on you. Not cool. I've also played the game to completion, with a few missing medals (afaik), and while I appreciate the amount of effort that has gone into this game, there's still a whole lot wrong with it.

First is the lack of ability that obstacles may have over bullets and enemy vision. While I was checking out the courtyard, I kept on getting shot at from guys behind trees. It really didn't help that there were guys on the balcony that I could see, BUT COULD NOT SHOOT! Oops, the alarm was tripped, game over!

Second is the respawn system. This is a fking serious offense. Even though I would die or get caught, the enemies and their drops stayed how they were when I died or got caught. I suppose this would have been fine, to aid in progress of the game. Here's the buzzkill: when I got into the foyer, I shot down everyone that I could, then tried to run up the "stairs" to knife a blue cop dude. Instead, he ran past me, and because the controls are shytty (did I mention that? No?), I had a hard time stopping him from pressing the alarm. Game over! Then I respawned at the main door. Before I knew what was going on, guy presses alarm. Game over! I turn to shoot him. Game over! Oh ffs- Game over!

Third, controls are shytty. I realize that Doom had similar issues and whatnot, but fk, at least try to do what they did with the mouse. And ffs, enable vertical aiming.

Fourth, instant death rooms. You open a door, only to be faced with either a lot of guys, or elite agents that just destroy your face. Thankfully, grievance number 2 helps in your favor here, in that if you can successfully kill someone, you're making progress. This is just dumb and simply not funny.

Then there's various little issues that are only a nuisance compared to the above four:
--The guy that's supposed to pick up the powdered donuts respawns at a really alarming rate. I died a few times because of him, while taking the time to look at my surroundings.
--Do you really have to jump through the ceiling and madly bash Q to enter vents? Furthermore, why do you have to make it a pain to climb up boxes?
--What's with the guy that's apparently patrolling inside the Spade vault, next to the nuclear case?
--The long "stairway" before the temperature sensitive zone was just silly because I CANNOT SHOOT THOSE WANKERS UNLESS I GET INTO MELEE RANGE!
--I think you screwed up with your choice of protagonist outfit.
--I tried knifing the broads, but they would just continue to be pushed around and dance =( Oh, I kinda did that to the janitor too, and he kept on peeing. And there are no toilets or urinals in the house that I remember, lol.
--House design was kinda poor in general. What kind of room equipped with a disco ball would have room for only 4 dancing dudes?
--Yeah, I just checked, I can only find a bathtub and sinks. No wonder that poor bloke had to pee outside.
--People seemed to be walking and getting stuck inside walls if they don't know I'm around. Kinda makes it hard to see them sometimes.

I had little issues with the puzzles. Sure, they seemed difficult at first, but they all can be solved, and for the most part, they make sense. Bravo!

On the whole picture, it's probably better if you took a different approach to make this game with. Include polish and realism with some elements, and you would have had yourself a nice vote-5 game. Good luck with future projects.

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Pikanjo responds:

Yeah, I got a lot of similar responses from my beta testers :/ I play very few games, so what is typical to most gamers is not what I expect. I made more a game I would play, and not for any particular audience. A lot of the things I thought would be challenges seem to just be annoyances. Thanks for playing to the end, and I appreciate your comment. I disagree on the outfit ;)

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2011
4:42 PM EDT
Skill - Other