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Blood Loss 5 Points

Потеря Крови: Die Multiple Times †

Doorbell 5 Points

Дверной Звонок: Trigger Alarm Multiple Times ¤

Dusty 5 Points

Пыльный: Journey Deep Into Vents ∗

Klepto 5 Points

Клептоман: Steal Worthless Items ¢

Loiter 5 Points

Слоняться Без Дела: Play Game For Hours ∠

Number One 5 Points

Номер Один: Kill Urinating Janitor ≈

Peeping Tom 5 Points

Соглядатай: Spend Time Watching Stripper ∞

Persistent 5 Points

Настойчивый: Miss Perimeter Multiple Times ↵

Respect 5 Points

Уважение: View Contributors ×

Kinky 10 Points

Развращенный: Cut Off Guard Finger ÷

Parkour 10 Points

Паркура: Perimeter Breached ⊥

X-Ray Vision 10 Points

Рентгеновское Зрение: Hack All Vaults ♠♥♦

Clandestine 25 Points

Тайный: Loop Surveillance ››

Guru 25 Points

Гуру: Collect All Upgrades ∀

Hacker 25 Points

Хаер: Hack Security Panels ∂x/∂t

Lock Smith 25 Points

Слесарь: All Doors Unlocked §

Lush 25 Points

Пьяница: Obtain Briefcase Ω

Mechanic 25 Points

Механик: Hack Main Vault ∴

Tasty 25 Points

Вкусный: Unlock Keypad ∝

Utility 25 Points

Утилита: Escape Beyond Perimeter →

Vixen 25 Points

Мегера: Cut Out Eye •

Restless 50 Points

Беспокойный: Zero Saves To Completion Ø

Superficial 50 Points

Неглубокий: Inventory Worth Over 100,000,000 руб ◊

Professional 100 Points

Профессионал: Beat Game In 15 Minutes ‡

Author Comments

[Edit:Jul18 - I uploaded a new version with bug/gameplay fixes. You may have to clear your browser cache. Thanks to the people who provided criticisms and props to those who beat the original.]

This is primarily a puzzle game requiring exploration and clever thinking, and secondarily a 3rd person shooter. It has been described as a hard game and you can expect to take hours completing it the first time.

Watch the Intro.
Keyboard Controls: [Esc]/[P]ause->Options

If you find an error/bug in the game, please PM me or leave a comment describing the problem and detailing where/when it happened. I suggest you save your game in case a major bug is found.

Countless people are to credit for this game reaching completion; You should check out the major contributors in the game credits.


Fun game, nice animation

I enjoyed this game a lot. It's fun, not too easy or overly complex, and features some excellent animation. Author obviously pays a lot of attention to detail - excellent for your first game!

Pikanjo responds:

Hey Kon, I just hope you like the intro :) Seems the game is definitely only for particular people :/

Maybe falling off is a bad way to get over walls

Maybe programming games isn't your cup of tea.

The controls are terrible (even when you can configure them, that's saying something), and the combat is way too clunky. There is no hit detection for the wall in the first level, clipping is everywhere, and jumping once takes you across the map unless you're planning on jumping VERTICALLY.

You make a game that looks like its supposed to be based on stealth and yet you can't sneak up on anybody (no matter how low that sound meter to the right is). She is in the middle of what seems to be Siberia wearing next to nothing, and the temperature of the air is 23* C? And it's snowing? nope. Maybe its her body temperature, oh look, hypothermia is classified as body temperature below 35* C. While it's possible to survive low temperatures, wearing next to nothing in said temperatures and running around being stealthy is probably not likely.

I used to follow you guys long ago when you were still working on the Perfect Kirby series, and I think you should probably go back to making movies instead of making games.
Also, I've always been a fan of your pervy sense of humor, but you may have taken it a bit far with the money pickups (oh she works hard for the money)

From what I saw in the first level, which I didn't bother to complete due to not being able to see where I am supposed to go after climbing the cars, the main character is a stripper that got lost in the Russian arctic and is having hallucinations due to the extreme cold and the lack proper clothing.

Pikanjo responds:

The triangle clipping is pretty bad. A nekkid chick in the snow who fits vases into god knows where probly isn't meant to be serious. You chose perhaps the most innocent quote to point out the innuendos - working hard for the money was more a reference to the song, as you also see 'so hard for it honey'. I would've pointed out 'fill me up' although that sounds pretty innocent too I guess. Maybe the prequel to this game will take place in a strip club with the main character all coked up :) - and nude, gotta be nude.

Well,it was ok...

It was ok game,but I just din't like 3rd Person Shooter thing...If this would have been 2d,it would have been better,actully. :/

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So sad..

don't get 6 medals.. Game is so awesome - i beat it after some long hours with 150.000.000+ P. Hate Hex mini-game and really hate lasers room - very annoying, but interesting. Game have some problems but all of them in the engine. Good luck with your next flash.

P.s. Heroine is so sexy...

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Not bad for your first game.

It kept me going even though the controls were strange and the platforming was really bad. I liked the puzzles but have no clue what to do with the hex puzzles. Maybe someone can fill me in.

All in all it was a decent game could have been a lot better with the action but the puzzle aspect was really good.

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Pikanjo responds:

The puzzles were all thought out, but the shooter aspect was more slapped on and scope minimized to reduce processing.

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2011
4:42 PM EDT
Skill - Other