MC2 : Burning Skies

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Mc2: Burning skies is the sequel of the popular Mechanical Commando 2 who have been played by over 8 million time around the web.
Build and customize your own space fighter in this top down bullet hell. Play as Katia, the resistance pilot seen in Mc2 invasion.

-Major Update ! We adjusted the balancing of the game, making it less frustrating and easier as you start it. Thanks everyone for your comments, it help us a lot improving our games.



You just can do it better boys...the second part was awesome,but this...is just deceptive. Berzerk ball rules,gunbot is one of the better games in world...
But thi thing has nothing to do with your other games.
Why didn't you add improvements? This is supposed to be a sequel:a game similar to the one before and with lots of cool stuff.
This isn't even Mechanical Commando. Also, the story of Katia kicking asses in the plane in Plarzus...differs with the story of MC 2.
It is just the background of MC2 with a rubbish of aircraft shooting to the same enemies all the damn time...
-Why can't I control my gun?? Not even 50 degrees in front of the plane??
-Why the secondary weapons that do special stuff are unlocked before??
-Why the first weapon takes a lot to unlock and then everything is unlocked in stream??
-Why you call it Mechanical Commando if you are a girl in a plane shooting other planes??
and the last...
-If you aren't going to continue with the story in MC2, don't make sequels if the testers (you have a playtesting team,no??? NO?!?) don't say it is awesome. And if they said it from this game...you have lost a lot,because I really know what flashes are good...and this one isn't.
Please,keep the work of MC2,The Breach or Trap Master up...but not this THING.
Do you know why I give you a 0?????!!!!!!!!!??????
Because MC2 or Frantic Frigates were multi-directional ground/surface shooter...and this is one of the millions of ordinary vertical shooters.
In other words:FAIL
There are a few shooters that are good:Frantic,SHMUP...etcetera
But THIS THING just needs lots of improvement.
Please,answer me in the review or PM-me
A fan that you could lost---->Jabalias.

Bad, has nothing to do with MC 1 and 2

Usually game sequels have a lot of improvements over the previous games. But here this sequel is a huge step back. From a multidirectional ground shooter you made an ordinary vertical space shooter - wich doesn't even resembles to the older games!
And it's not even a good space shooter! It's average at best, the kind that can be found by dozens on every game site. The only thing that might make this one stand out is the difficoulty: the first level is easy enough but the rest are very hard! It takes like 5-6 tries to complete a level becouse your stuff is inferior and you need to get enough xp to unlock some gears that are actually useful. And it' still hard becouse you can only shoot forward with your primery weapon but the enemies come and shoot from every direction. They come lots at a time and fill the screen with bullets so by the time you get to the boss youre life is probably very depleted. Then the boss fills the screen with bullets even more tightly so good luck manouveringbetvean the tiny spaces wich are safe for a short time, becouse a few hits and you are dead!
This is a bad game but on it's on right it would worth maybe 5/10. But becouse it abuses the name of Mechanical Commando I give only 3.

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LaSer Man!

wooooo love them laser , a very well made game, everything is nicely done .


It is a nice game!!!

So much yes.

I didn't even realise the time disappear whilst I enjoyed this game. I love the upgrades, I enjoyed the way you make it so you have to be tactical with the weight you can carry as that definitely adds to the challenge. The guns are great. Gameplay works perfectly, very precise. I do adore top down shooters. A couple of things that did bug me though - In the beginning it's a little slow to kick off (Or I might of just been crap and kept dying), and another is the repitition, it would of only taken two or three different enemies with different flight patterns to fix it but it's only really a minor.
Brilliant game. I enjoyed hugely.

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3.90 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2011
1:32 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight