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This is my first ever game in Flash. I am very new to actionscript and this is the first thing I have done. Everything was done by me besides the loop(Thanks to Flashkits Calpomatt). But I know there is some buggy aspects of it. But it is my first Flash game and I did not want to rewrite all my code and redo a lot of other things.

It is very small, I just want to see the reception and criticism it receives. I may actually make a second part(new levels, story, better gameplay, etc.) later on. But this is just a trial and just to see what I could come up. And big shout out to NG's Prid-Outing and Flaming Cow for the Actionscript advice! Big Thanks guys! Well I hope you enjoy! Oh and the website is something my girlfriend and I put together if you don't mind check that out;)-Seth

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Very good game!

It is not a difficult to game to make, I think, but it takes a lot of effort to make it.

SethFx23 responds:

Oh definitely, it took a little while to make, but it was a great experience.


Very good game, indeed. I love how the ship is pulled by the gravity, as that makes it a challenge. Another great thing, is that every level has a new and unique level design, bringing something new each time, so that the gameplay stays solid and fun. Though, the game is short, nothing is to be complained, as this is your first game, and it is VERY impressive - looking forward to your next submissions ;)

SethFx23 responds:

Prid! Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it. I plan on doing more (better) submissions in the future so yeah be expecting it.

Awesome for a first game

Their are a couple of glitches,like you just earn points for staying in the game,you can wait out the stones in level 2,but over all its pretty good!Ok, maybe i am missing a couple glitches,but just don't let the comments get you down :)

SethFx23 responds:

I know it was glitchy but I know how to correct it. My thing is that I didn't want to rework the whole code on just a first game. But yeah I appreciate the compliments I plan on making a lot better submissions in the future. Your first game is always the hardest.

too short

the game is more like a test and you don't need to upload tests the animation is lazy
they're not moving or something you just put some motion tweens

SethFx23 responds:

What? I said it was short for a reason. The only motion tweens were the spinning objects. The rest is AS2.

Need some adjustments

There are bugs, but I know this is your first flash game, an asteroid covered the half of the plane and nothing happened, I didn't die. but if you can get all those things done, this game will be good

SethFx23 responds:

I do not plan on making this any further than now. I may make an Avoider! 2 later down the line, but I plan on making it a lot less buggy. I posted this on here to read advice and see what other people thought of it.