Kart Fighter

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We're very pleased to introduce our latest game to you, we hope you'll enjoy Kart Fighter:

Race your kart inside the world's greatest landmarks! Drive around palaces, speed through senates and power-slide in parliament.

Challenge your friends to beat your best times or take on the Career mode featuring 15 tracks, three kart leagues and a Garage to upgrade your machine into a monster!

- Controls: Use the arrow keys - left and right to steer, up to accelerate and down to brake.
- Upgrades: Earn credits for completing races and spend them on new karts and upgrades from the garage.

**By the way, the game file is really small, it's a stub loader - goddamn AS3!**


this game makes me feel like ken block xD should make a second with more modern tuners instead of karts imho.


but the amount of money you make should be balanced better. It gets very boring making 100 bucks x race after you get the second car, and getting to 6k to buy the last kart? No way I'll go that far!
Challenging friends is a winner by the way;) Keep up the good work!

This game... is awesome.

The only thing that I really wanna know, which has kept me wondering for ages, is this: How do I get the redbull-colored kart? It's locked, I beat all 3 difficulties, all tracks on gold, and bought all upgrades. Still, I can't seem to unlock that color. How do I do it?

great time killer

i agree with nodrim the handling is just fine and this is a great game to play when u need to kill sum time but it could use alot of upgrades cuz it was a little 2 easy i was overlaping ppl so maybe sum difficulties some more tracks and if u could maybe just for fun add sum cool jumps but i gave u 8/10 cuz of the difficultie level of them being to easy otherwise keep up the great work

Kempt responds:

Hey Mr Cock!

Thanks for your review, glad you enjoyed the game, did you try the faster Karts? I think you'd find those a lot more difficult.



Awesome controls and handling, more tracks please!

I don't know why people complain about handling, I guess it's because they suck! :)

Everything is great about the gameplay, I just wish you put in more tracks.

For a sequel I would love to see different environments and surfaces, too.

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Kempt responds:

Hi there, glad you liked the game, there are quite a lot of different surfaces though... maybe they're too subtle do you think?

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3.62 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2011
7:56 AM EDT
Sports - Racing