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Discover the rules as you go and make your way to the goal of each level.

Use arrow keys to move. Spacebar to access menu. Progress is saved automatically. The rest is up to you to figure out!


We hope you enjoy the game. If you're finding memorization an issue, enable hints mode from the menu.


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The version on armorgames is better. What is flagrantly different about it is that the + or - filled circles that disappear and reappear when you move up or down, they leave dotted outlines in the armorgames version, but they completely disappear hear, which can get you to forget that they are there altogether. I surmise that you actually modified THIS version to PRODUCE that version to cover that very issue, because that's the sort of change you'd have made in response to it being extremely inconvenient and obnoxious the way it is here. I am not going to bother to see if the actual levels are any different though, that would be too annoying and I've lost interest. So I only give it 4 of 5 because that's a flagrant way this version is inferior to another one that exists and is out there.

Very nice puzzle game

I do not normally like puzzle games. But this one was just about perfect, so I've just got to review it.

Now, what normally makes me hate a puzzle game is that I will stroll along through the levels, feeling clever and getting through them with little difficulty and then I get slammed with some stupid level that either takes me hours to beat and then is not satisfactory or I give up and look up how to do it and it was either an incredibly unintuitive solution that I would have never thought up or just a stupid thing that I feel stupid for missing.

This game is different.

Impasse has basically the best difficulty curve I've ever seen in a puzzle game. It introduces concepts, sends the player through interesting uses of these concepts, and when the player has proven that he mastered them it introduces a new one. The game gets increasingly complex but never too much, and it never suddenly jumps up in difficulty, nor are the puzzle solutions that unintuitive. In fact, I'd say this is a perfect game for humans, rather than robots, to play. It frickin' preys on human intuition.

Another thing I like is how it "teaches" the player how to play, not with a tutorial, but by presenting situations in which the player simply learns by a simple form of the scientific method ("what happens when I... ohhh"). This is the best kind of tutorial: the kind you don't even know is there.

Best of all is the primary mechanic. The arena's actors move when you do. It's not some arbitrary gimmick, no, like all good puzzle games it is a totally interesting and fluid mechanic. I don't know if you could expand upon it, but I think this game was just about the right length.

Oh and as far as constructive criticism goes? Um, I guess you could say it was bland. I sure didn't expect much out of a 125kb game. Maybe spruce it up? I don't know if that's your style then stick with it I guess.

So anyway, good job.

Has my brain confused

The game really gives my brain a workout. Nice Job :)

:O bravo!

Too creative and challenging, def favorite of 11. Vert good and unique job.

Simple yet effective.

This once again proves that simplicity can be a wonderful thing, the idea's were unique and well executed, and it required you to think before you made the next move.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2011
5:35 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other