Pokemon coloseum in 6 min

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This might as well be a parody of every Pokémon game , with the core joke being that all people in the Pokémon world solve any problem with Pokémon matches, especailly if they don't make sense.

I specifically chose Colosseum since that game tries the hardest to tell a straight dark epic adventure, making the typical silly Pokémon tropes look even more out of place.

I love it how the kidnappers from the beginning of the game challenge the hero to a match to silence him after witnissing the kidnap. As if defeating him in a Poké match makes him lose his ability to still go to the police anyway.
Also, having a public Pokématch in a city filled with people obsessed with Pokématches hardly seems the best strategy if you want to sneak out undetected.

Anyway, Wes, the hero of the story. He starts off very interestingly, stealing an object from the villain's hideout and blowing it up. I mean, wow! A pro-active hero for a change! And bad ass to boot!
Alas, it's only the opening, as soon as the game really starts, Wes instantly turns into your usual mute spineless idiot hero.
Which is why Wes awkwardly wiggles around like a carbon cut out for most of my parody.

Other jokes need explaining? There's the obligatory reference to Wes stealing the other trainers Pokemon yet they never being bothered by it, and..that were all jokes I think.

Oh, some Pokemon I drew in the background are a generation too far to be appearing in this flash movie, sorry.
I just took a handfull of modern Pokémon to avoid only using the classic ones. Just imagine the too recent Pokémon were illegally imported by their trainers from the later Regions or something.

Thanks to Molly,Luke, Silvia, Mike, Matt, Stephan and Danbuster for voices.



I really liked this. And you're right about how its rediculous that everything is solved by a pokemon battle. USE THUNDERBOLT ON MY HUNGER! lol


I'm not gonna flatter you with a senseless score and just state the obvious you need to improve art wise, all your stuff has looked the same ever sense you first started uploading, your like kirbiphore, you spit out stupid game trash and never take the time to improve beyond what you can do. The line style you chose for this is absolutely ass,

I dont get if your going for uniqueness but you sure as hell got me running for the toilet with a mouth full of vomit, your mic quality is also horrible too it literally sounds like something that was made back when Scratch mics with static were the new in (2003) I honestly dont see what people see in this, it looks like 8 year old animation to me.

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

Hm? (looks at older work)
I think I did improve quite a bit, tough there's plenty of room left to improve on, sure.
Anyway, I'm sure you mean "Your work didn't evolve into my personal taste" rather then "you didn't evolve at all".
Sorry you didn't like it, but eh, it gives brandname reliability.
"Ah, it's Rogerregorroger, so I probably hate it."
Live's a lot easier when you know what to expect, eh?

I lolled heartilly

Like everyone on this planet I grew up playing Pokemon. And this really does sum up every pokemon game ever.
The joke that everyone always challenges you to a poke match was funny, but a tad overused towards the end.
Nice voice actors, but the audio quality was pretty bad at times, and so was the graphics. Nothing too bad though. Overall, good job mate!!

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it was pretty much how i remembered it

i didnt give you a ten cause of the art and audio.

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Pretty good

The only thing that kept me from rating 10 was the art that I didn't really like and the audio that was sometimes bad. Otherwise, you've made a very good parody !

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Jul 12, 2011
5:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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