Pokemon coloseum in 6 min

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This might as well be a parody of every Pokémon game , with the core joke being that all people in the Pokémon world solve any problem with Pokémon matches, especailly if they don't make sense.

I specifically chose Colosseum since that game tries the hardest to tell a straight dark epic adventure, making the typical silly Pokémon tropes look even more out of place.

I love it how the kidnappers from the beginning of the game challenge the hero to a match to silence him after witnissing the kidnap. As if defeating him in a Poké match makes him lose his ability to still go to the police anyway.
Also, having a public Pokématch in a city filled with people obsessed with Pokématches hardly seems the best strategy if you want to sneak out undetected.

Anyway, Wes, the hero of the story. He starts off very interestingly, stealing an object from the villain's hideout and blowing it up. I mean, wow! A pro-active hero for a change! And bad ass to boot!
Alas, it's only the opening, as soon as the game really starts, Wes instantly turns into your usual mute spineless idiot hero.
Which is why Wes awkwardly wiggles around like a carbon cut out for most of my parody.

Other jokes need explaining? There's the obligatory reference to Wes stealing the other trainers Pokemon yet they never being bothered by it, and..that were all jokes I think.

Oh, some Pokemon I drew in the background are a generation too far to be appearing in this flash movie, sorry.
I just took a handfull of modern Pokémon to avoid only using the classic ones. Just imagine the too recent Pokémon were illegally imported by their trainers from the later Regions or something.

Thanks to Molly,Luke, Silvia, Mike, Matt, Stephan and Danbuster for voices.


Best thing i've ever seen.

I love this type of humor. Making fun of things that deserved to be made fun of. Not something that someone found funny in a way and decided to make a parody of it.
Funny and entertaining. Great job.

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Nice Summary! :)

It ties the game up very well, and you make a good point on all the absurd events that happen in the game. I like the quality of the animation and how it fits the parody, though perhaps it could use just a little more detail to make it look better. All in all, it was very enjoyable, and I look forward to the next roughly 5 min parody.

Also, the song is called Double Trouble (Team Rocket); you can find it on iTunes. However, the tempo and pitch of the song in the credits has been changed, so you'll have to use Audacity (or a similar program) to change the original song to the same tempo and pitch as the credits song.

I look forward to seeing your future works!

Brilliant, as usual

These parodies are spot on. I haven't played Pokémon Colosseum, but I've played XD and it's pretty much the same: "Hey kid! What are you doing here in Cipher HQ? Instead of going to tell the boss or just killing you...I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON MATCH!" Also..."Ceiling! I challenge you to a Pokémon match!" I lol'ed.

You have to wonder why nobody else thought of winning a Pokémon match by just kicking the opponent's Pokémon off the edge. Or why nobody else notices that Wes doesn't talk.

As usual, a brilliant parody...even if the credits music was kinda creepy. 5/5 10/10.

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That is pretty insane.. but also damn funny.
Your also pointing out a real funny thing, why all the challenging?

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Hone your skills

Although the animation and sound were a bit off It was HILARIOUS if you make more and get better I can see this more flashes from you topping the charts.

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Jul 12, 2011
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