Happy Birthday Charcoal!

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Today is the birthday of much loved member of much loved Flashing organisation the Kitty Krew, Charcoal125's birthday. He is 10 today and we are all happy to celebrate his birthday as he has been a helpful member of the group and has never let us down. He is always hard working and never shit so he definitely deserves a collab, unlike kovio who only got one because he said he would dick the site otherwise. Why was Charcoal's audio approval revoked ON HIS BIRTHDAY??? THAT IS BAD. Please enjoy my creation, leave me a review and vote five!


Nice video!!

One of your best!

Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but this was probably the best Kitty Krew movie I ever saw! It was great to see all the effort that was put in that intro. Yes, I know the rest of it was pretty spammy, but certainly better than most of the stuff you guys worked on. It was also interesting to see not so many of those people listed. I have always found it weird how you guys list so many authors on something that doesn't seem to take much effort.

I mean, you even credited more people in the submission itself! The best was easily the one made by you, the guy credited as artist. I will say that it was pretty annoying how going on Kelly Clarkson's part, it was just the same thing over and over with no "back" button. The music on the menu got annoying too. I know you guys aren't meant to be geniuses, but this wasn't that bad!

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111122223188 responds:

people who rated it as useless:

One of the best reviewers reviews against your opinion so despite it being two paragraphs long (you have never passed 1 line) you rate it useless then tell me I am abusing the system with my submissions.

anyway ericho: that intro was made by a paedophile (true). sorry about the black back button being invisible, I didn't notice it.

The intro was nice...

...but other than that, this flash is terrible. You could use some better animation, humor, and music.

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111122223188 responds:

it was made in 1 day

Brilliantly fresh!

This animation has got to be one of the better animations on newgrounds! I love how three users came together to collaborate on such an epic scale. The art/animation was well done, the duration is perfect, and the humor is bullet proof. Excellent work!

111122223188 responds:

well if thats what you think

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Jul 12, 2011
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