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This week, we start part 1 of the epic saga that is our own Human History. This story has been told to us from many ancient sources, such as the Sumerian Records, Thoth has also provided this story to us through Drunvalo Melchizidek, and many other channelings including Adamus on Crimson Circle has also provided information about our history to us. I'm not going to tell you this is fact, i am simply saying - Decide for Yourself.

No seriously, decide for yourself. This story is so outrageous on so many levels that its hard to accept because of our certainty of what we now know is true. Just know that i didn't make any of this up, i am merely reporting on what the collective of these sources are telling us.

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Twitter - @itsjordand
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Spirit-Science/21023 8862349944?ref=ts

Flower of Life books - http://www.2shared.com/fi le/iWmQem1a/Flower_of_Lif e_PDFs.html
See page 78 Volume 1 for the Human History Story!

NOVA - Magnetic Storm
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=NJUTUFAWfEY

The 12th Planet
http://www.amazon.com/12t h-Planet-Earth-Chronicles -Book/dp/038039362X



did you get that picture of Lucifer and Jesus/god (IDK which) its awesome I wants it!

RiverJordan responds:

I just googled it :) Search "satan arm wrestling" maybe? i dunno..


some very intriuging concepts are presented. Animations are kool, and its just all very entertaining and interesting. I like your style, and I like the whole choosing to think out side the box deal.

10 for making me laugh so hard I cried - by hooya2

I been following this series and I have to write a review:

Animation - not that much but not bad either.
Story - what a bunch of bull!
Humor - lmao!
Is so sad that some people believe in all this stuff even when scientific evidence says otherwise. And then, these people have the nervs of calling us Christians crazy!

RiverJordan responds:

Actually, throughout the series i've been proving that everything that i disucssed in this lesson makes sense, through both science AND spirituality, your Christianity is included in this new understanding.

wow very cool

mind blowing

The guy under me KINDA has a point...

I've been with you the whole ride, and I've been a steadfast supporter of what you've been doing: Sure, you get facts wrong here and there and sometimes off and your examples aren't well developed, but a lot of the points are still interesting and its something to muse on when I'm having a dull day.

...and up until this point, the series greatest strength has been its pacing. You never really demanded we swallow too much at a time, it was all very manageable and while you did make increasingly strange points and predictions it all came at a rate that was easy to handle.

...and you just blew it all out of the water. Too much too fast in this episode, and whats worse, it has to be some of your most outlandish propositions yet. I know you began this episode with a disclaimer saying its something we had to discover for ourselves, but... it was all just too ridiculous, and way too much at a time. You force-fed me a lot of spiritual stuff and gave almost no explanation or fact behind it, just assuming we'd 'roll' with it, but... no, this was way too much, way too soon.

I know these episodes are hard to make and you have a lot you want to talk about, but when you do stuff like this, you lose most of your credibility. I was always willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but... no, this time you just sound straight-up crazy. You didn't give us manageable bites of information, and for that, your points will suffer.

THAT said... It's still a very nice story. A fun story. Its kinda like you threw your hands in the air, said "Screw it", and you took a lot of the concepts you told us about in earlier episodes and combined them into one giant crossover story. The point where I stopped taking it as fact and instead treated it like some spiritual fanfiction, I started to really enjoy it a lot more than when you were ACTUALLY considering it a history.

...Look, I'm not saying you're wrong, necessarily, I'm not a historian or a guru of spiritual matters, but it was a lot more fun for me when I was pretending it was fake, and that doesn't bode well for a series that has "Science" in the name. If you want these to be taken with a sliver of credibility and genuine, thoughtful respect, you'll have to go slower and explain EVERYTHING... because otherwise you just sound like a very imaginative conspiracy theorist.

Bottom line: too much information this episode, slow things down a bit.


RiverJordan responds:

Yes, i understand how many people will feel this way about this lesson. You know, i don't believe i am actually covering "more" information, or "too much", but rather i am covering a different type of information.

Everything else i've talked about, has been putting the pieces together between science and religion. Over 11 lessons, i feel i've made a solid case for how dimensions work and the power that consciousness has over everything. And now, i am telling a story that nobody remembers (and there's a reason for that).

At the beginning, yeah, it'll feel that way, but by the end, you may just begin to see where we came from in a different way.

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