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This week, we start part 1 of the epic saga that is our own Human History. This story has been told to us from many ancient sources, such as the Sumerian Records, Thoth has also provided this story to us through Drunvalo Melchizidek, and many other channelings including Adamus on Crimson Circle has also provided information about our history to us. I'm not going to tell you this is fact, i am simply saying - Decide for Yourself.

No seriously, decide for yourself. This story is so outrageous on so many levels that its hard to accept because of our certainty of what we now know is true. Just know that i didn't make any of this up, i am merely reporting on what the collective of these sources are telling us.

Links and Sources - Remove the spaces

Twitter - @itsjordand
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Spirit-Science/21023 8862349944?ref=ts

Flower of Life books - http://www.2shared.com/fi le/iWmQem1a/Flower_of_Lif e_PDFs.html
See page 78 Volume 1 for the Human History Story!

NOVA - Magnetic Storm
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=NJUTUFAWfEY

The 12th Planet
http://www.amazon.com/12t h-Planet-Earth-Chronicles -Book/dp/038039362X



I've just gotta praise you for coming out with this kind of material, i wish more people would voice their opinion on matters of origen that neither science nor philosophy has adequately answered.

I'm not going to get into any debate as such though, cus frankly i don't agree with your reality tunnel and, well, given that you're discussing prehistory and remote antiquity that's besides the point, it's all up for grabs really so any version is worthwhile including yours.

Overall it's a very refreshing break from the older generation of consciousness awareness raisers' persistent themes of oppression and alien invasion that are all but the golden standard of this genre on the web today. (david icke anyone?)

I sincerely hope and can only imagine that this achieves what i am taking the liberty of assuming you had in mind, get (some) people to think and follow up the reading you suggested, maybe follow a trail or two that their own intuition hints them at and reach who knows what conclusions they'd otherwise never have come up with.

Keep it up :3 (And read some alice bailey, you'll love her)


heh.. I'm more then just intrigued.. fuck, and those assholes tell us that we are evolutionised from apes, bunch of bullcrap..

RiverJordan responds:

If what the Sumerian records say is true, we were seeded by mixing the DNA of another race with the DNA Of the primates on earth, creating an entirely new species altogether called humans. At first we were sterile, and we were made to be slaves to mine gold (long story), but 2 humans learned how to become fertile and reproduce, and that's where Adam and eve came from.


Some aspects of this I find questionable but for the most part I'm willing to believe it.
The race that came from mars could have perhaps influenced such human thoughts and behaviors such as causing violence, greed, possession, power and control, etc.
Perhaps resulting in such things as disagreement and ultimately war. is that correct?

You did a great job animating this by the way.

RiverJordan responds:

Yep :) pretty much everything on earth today was caused by the duality they brought to us, if this is story is true

very interesting

this has been worth the wait but i do have one question. if the hebrews talked about in the video are aliens the would modern day hebrews be followers of their beliefs or related through genes?

RiverJordan responds:

Both :)

Holy... Holy??

I am so glad you compiled all of this data into one intellectual perspective. That in itself IS genius. This, strangely enough, has coincided with many thoughts I've expressed (JUST TODAY) with my brother, best friend, and fiance'. I'm very spiritual, but not religious. I think Christianity can be compared to Greek mythology. I have often said; "I believe Jews are more accurate than Christians.". Not just because their faith is much older, but that they are not binded by fear and scare tactics that uphold the Christian faith in such a profoundly stupid way. I could drone on and on, but I'll stop right there. Thank you so much for sharing your research, and putting it so subtle. You're not alone, dude. There are others with us. WE are able to think for ourselves. 10/10 Kick ass and take names. I'll be following up on all of your work. Thanks again.

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