Raptor Fruit Rush

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Raptors love fruit! Eat as much fruit as you can without falling behind in this addictive and fast paced platformer!
Just don't eat the chiles. Raptors hate chiles.

Use Arrow keys to move.
don't eat the chiles


weve seen this before

the animation is fine but there are plenty of games like this out there where you scoll and get points for surviving try a diffrent type of game and add your own twist

hah this is great

reminds me of mario or yoshi perhaps in that case. its quite challenging

It has potential.

It can be addicting, but not to me. i will admit that the graphics are silky smooth, for a solo project. here is the needs improvement section.

I noticed that you reuse patterns, which dampens the addictiveness.
I would like to see more achivements.
Story would be nice.

pretty good overall, but i got bored after my first go.


This was really fun, hard to believe its a solo project, but hey clearly you know what your doing, you managed to animate and program it, and you did both of those things completely above, par. I hope you get alot of views so you can make a little money of this and keep them coming, now if you'll excuse me back to playing this ;D

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myplayyard responds:

Thank you for a great review.
As the title claims, I'm the Sponsor, not the author, I will make sure that the Author will see that review.
Thank you again and I'm glad you enjoy the game.

Nothing special

Nothing too special. its a neat game though

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3.23 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2011
2:27 AM EDT
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