It's Charcoal's Birthday!

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Today in my time, it's Charcoal125's birthday. I am a junkie so I bought heroin instead of a present for him. But like those shitty hand made cards you give your mother on mother's day, I made this for him, because its the effort that counts!

Happy Birthday, my darling princess <3


oh another joke movie on newgrounds

My god look at that 0.11 rating. Aint that something

Not too terrible

It was funny how you put this under the "Informative" genre. It was also nice how you allowed a click to go back to the menu. Well, it wasn't much of a menu to begin with, just a bunch of penises with veins on them. Some of the entries themselves weren't that bad, they just weren't that interesting. You guys are supposed to make cheesy stuff, so this fit that level fine. I hope this Charcoal person has a nice birthday.

It sounds like he would make a good member of the Kitty Krew. I like how colorful some of the parts are. Of course, for the most part, it is pretty cheesy, so I can not recommend it by any means. It is annoying to see all of these hateful comments going towards me, the viewer. Hope no one got seizures with that.

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happy bday charcoal

to be honest i like your art

Probable NG TOTW nominee?

I like how seizure-inducing those cards are, and I hope you qualify for NG's Turd of The Week with this one!

Magyar responds:

what cards? wtf are you on about?

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Jul 11, 2011
7:03 PM EDT