Tremoid demo

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Well, I know that it is the shortest thing ever, but hopefully it'll be a fully fledged platformer / 1st person shooter / puzzle. Yeah, I haven't really decided what it'll be. I'll have to find out what my abilities limits are. Anyway, there are two easter eggs, and since The Games Factory 2 doesn't let you use tab to cheat, good luck finding them!

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verry cool

psdo there will have medals in the original 1?

Nentindo responds:

I don't think it will be possible for it to have medals, but I guess we'll see.

Thanks for the review!

not really a game

that that it have buttons doesn't mean it's game it 's a movie a bad movie
motions were very lazy so as the animation the lip syncing very lazy because there mouth only moved up and down and even the buttons were ugly

Nentindo responds:

Fair enough, though it can't be listed under movies, since not much of it is animated, so it's more of an interactive movie, which is listed as a game.
And as for lip syncing, what was there to sync it to? No voices. And it's supposed to be reminiscent of older games, so it wouldn't have lip syncing anyway.
And the buttons. I don't get to design my own buttons with The Games Factory 2, so unless I make lots of different files, with all the writing on them, which I may do for the full game, would take a LOT longer and this is just a quick demo, but thanks for bringing my attention to the buttons.
And thanks for reviewing with intelligence, unlike FrankeW00T.

Good Job :)

It's not really a game though.Really more of a trailer for the game.I can't wait 'till it comes out.Also,try to make it so only one button is clickable.NOT so you can click on the text.Anyways, good job.I can't wait 'till it comes out. :)

Nentindo responds:

Thanks! And yeah, I know it's short... But, it will be a multiple choice game, so you can be good, evil and lazy.

Where to start....

Definitely a Metroid rip. You should try to develop your own characters and definitely work on your animation/drawing skills. There was zero creativity in this. Zero

Nentindo responds:

Well done. It's supposed to parody Metroid. And it actually took quite a lot of work, and this is from only my second time using The Games Factory 2, so it's not going to be a masterpiece. Although, I admit my drawing skills aren't the best. There was zero intelligence in this review. Zero.

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1.37 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2011
1:19 PM EDT
Adventure - Other