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Bahamut's BDAY Flash

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NG Mug 25 Points

That mug has been there for quite a while

Happy Birthday 50 Points

Happy Birthday to Newgrounds favorite Dragon! In other words watch the whole flash

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Today we celebrate the 21st Birthday of Newgrounds' Favorite Dragon! I decided to create this flash not only to celebrate it, but to improve my skills rotating and tweening shapes as well.

Also, tabbing won't work.

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how did they party all day long when it was night?

Happy Belated Birthday Bahamut! This was a rather long flash for such a short animational loop, but with all the combined medals (of which it seems I managed to miss one, despite a clicking frenzy) it still had a lot of entertainment value. Nice seeing a bunch of familiar faces popup, and it's a party mode mood all the way! :) Keep it going!


Hmm what to say with this one

Its a funny and amusing one, there is not much going on but the "MUSIC" waspretty amusing and cute, and in some ways it reminded me of some mexican song lol, i like all the random things that are going on makes for a cute flash and pretty entertaining, Some of the ladder medals seemed abit harder i guess thats how it should be maybe it was a area of clicking or something, Now i would think that you would put in a fewmore "MEDALS" since this was rather longer then normal, but again i thought it was funny and amusing, good sourse of amusment though, and as for more helpfull tips, you should allow for some "SCROLLING" so the user can scroll thru-out the party scene and in other parts of the room and all that would be intersting and maybe more fun for all, just something to think about in anycase, so anyways it was a fun game, i liked the medals, and while it could have used more it was still a fun experience.

Some more medal otions, maybe even allowing to scroll around the room for even more party fun.

Hacsev responds:

That's actually a really nice idea. Thanks for reviewing!

Happy Birthday Bahamut!!!!!

It's too hard for me-.-

...no comment

Hacsev responds:

What the hell is so difficult in this movie?