Pothead Zombies

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Keep'em Coming! 5 Points

Killed 100 zombies.

Come get some! 10 Points

killed 300 zombies.

Trained to perfection 25 Points

Coop shooter mastered a weapon use.

Uhn... What? 25 Points

Finished the game on "Overdosed".

A gift for my love 50 Points

Coop shooter received and mastered the Gatling gun.

Hell Yeah 50 Points

Finished the game.

Its an investment, honey! 50 Points

Maxed a weapon.

The Perfect Duo 100 Points

Found the better combination.

Author Comments

This game was inspired from our fight to keep a breathable air to our newborn baby girl.

Kill the zombies to keep the air clean. More score is awarded if the zombies dies faster.
Use the money to buy and upgrade weapons. Your coop shoother can use purchased weapons too, but takes time to use it with perfection and a good fire rate.

We at Zanardi&Liza do not encourage any kind of agression against particular behaviors. If do you want to smoke something, just make sure to not harass who does not want to. Everything have a good time and place to be done.

Critics and feedback are greatly welcome.

<Updated to version 1.1>
I want to say thanks to all the users that found and detected a bug in the game. It was a little hard to catch him because it was happening on very particular ocasions. The mention of the number 2 helped a lot.
<about other things>
- the purple hair girl:
short version: a pothead friend of mine asked if I could change the name of the game to "junkhead zombies". It was ok and I did it, and then the purple hair girl was created. Then I gave up the new name and returned the game name to Pothead Zombies, as it was the name we at ZanardiLiza always called the game.


Good, but offensive.

It's clear to me that your conception of marijuana smokers is very askew, and it really bothers me that the two of you felt like you've went on some righteous quest to rid the world of pot smokers, when honestly we just try to mind our own business.

Honestly I've never seen anyone try to force anyone else to smoke, and it's cleared that you've been perhaps bothered by someone trying to do that to you. Stop generalizing us.

Excellent game

This is a great game. Gave me some good exercise for my mouse finger.

In response to flyingnun
That may be true, but think about what it does to people. Do YOU want all that gunk inside of you?

Ok but. . .

This is a defender game plain and simple. You used pot heads for whatever reason, as if drunkards and meth heads would not be a more scary realistic approach. . .Oh well. I think the graphics and game play are good. I just don't see the difference that this game has over all the other ones in it's genre. Well done?

What to say.

This is an interesting game, starts off as any should. Good game play fun weapon selection, good upgrading system. What I found odd and mostly annoying is how the partner has to "master" any and all weapons and is not immediately good with said weapon as you would be if you were to use it and worst of all once the partner is fully "leveled up" with said weapon they still are not as good with it as you are, or so it would seem. But I found this interesting because it adds the strategy of "when should my partner begin to learn use of said weapon" along with "what weapon will I use when partner is using (possibly) better weapon", it was good. The part where you die and have the option to choose to continue with a price or stop now and forever hold your peace was an interesting touch. But over all was very fun and kept me occupied on till the the bitter end... or maybe that's just the pot.

pretty good

but i didnt get both game compleat medals only 1 :<
and the last level kept me laughing

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Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2011
8:21 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed