Pothead Zombies

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Keep'em Coming! 5 Points

Killed 100 zombies.

Come get some! 10 Points

killed 300 zombies.

Trained to perfection 25 Points

Coop shooter mastered a weapon use.

Uhn... What? 25 Points

Finished the game on "Overdosed".

A gift for my love 50 Points

Coop shooter received and mastered the Gatling gun.

Hell Yeah 50 Points

Finished the game.

Its an investment, honey! 50 Points

Maxed a weapon.

The Perfect Duo 100 Points

Found the better combination.

Author Comments

This game was inspired from our fight to keep a breathable air to our newborn baby girl.

Kill the zombies to keep the air clean. More score is awarded if the zombies dies faster.
Use the money to buy and upgrade weapons. Your coop shoother can use purchased weapons too, but takes time to use it with perfection and a good fire rate.

We at Zanardi&Liza do not encourage any kind of agression against particular behaviors. If do you want to smoke something, just make sure to not harass who does not want to. Everything have a good time and place to be done.

Critics and feedback are greatly welcome.

<Updated to version 1.1>
I want to say thanks to all the users that found and detected a bug in the game. It was a little hard to catch him because it was happening on very particular ocasions. The mention of the number 2 helped a lot.
<about other things>
- the purple hair girl:
short version: a pothead friend of mine asked if I could change the name of the game to "junkhead zombies". It was ok and I did it, and then the purple hair girl was created. Then I gave up the new name and returned the game name to Pothead Zombies, as it was the name we at ZanardiLiza always called the game.


love it. like the red lazer sight. and i like the upgrades, but i do wish you could buy another player to help you.

I just want to point out a glitch, the Red 9's and Sig Sauer's reload speed upgrades are both glitched, they start at 100 then upgrade to 5 en then to 10, the last upgrade does not make sense because it makes the reload speed slower.

Aside from that its a nice game

Very welldone game

I will start off this review on saying that this was an interesting flash game here, it has itsmomemnts nad can be better but for what it is, i must say that it was alright and pretty amusing, i like some of the stuff you pulledout on this giving it an interesting look, so a nice feel all around with this one good effort and i was pretty impressed with most things on this. and cant wait to see what else you are capable of in other stuff. Now i must say having an Intro like you do is always something extra as you dont always see thats so props to you on that besides it looks pretty nifty, great job on the intro looks great, also shows that to start off you are putting in the effort from the start. So at first this game reminds me alot like that old classic nes game "GHOSTS ~N~ GOBLINS" but anyways now lets really get started on this game, i will comment on the "MUSIC" it was some good music here, and really fit well with the action and did have a zombie like feel to it so notbad,

I must say that the game is really fun and can be addictive, the fast paced style is good and keeps one entertained, the waves are fresh and fast, the graphics are impressive and keeps a good detail visual about them, The game even gets better as you play on so this was a real plus game for me and ill add it to my faves list it was that good of a game, OK so "WAVE 6" it starts to get hard but at about "WAVE 9" it is really getting touch allthough i didnt have the gailin maxed yet but still good game and overall i had some fun with this the medals were fun aswell. one thing you may want to improve on is that the Upgrade "BUTTONS" were too small and could be larger somehow. This was notbad at all, Decent game here, I really liked this and kind of grew on me a tad bit, there are some things that could be worked on in order for it to be even better, dont get me wrong its pretty good as is but with some more extra effort ans some more time put in it can be even better, But anyways decent Game I really enjoyed this game submission and all that you have presented here, I look forward to more from you. untill then keep up the decent game-works.

I suggest some ideas and tips to better improve on a few Things, just some little stuff so hope some of these basics help or some stuff that i thought it might need, to make a better game, So hope to see some sort of improvments as this was a good game, and wouldnt mind seeing more to it. not just the basics but more depth into it. one suggestion i made was to make the upgrades larger and easier to click on, also maybe athrow in a few more medals.

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Not bad. Kinda lacking on the upgrades and extras but ok overall

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nice need better grahics

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Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2011
8:21 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed