The Body

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Black and white. Check.
Obscure plot. Check.
Depressing tone. Check.
Little to no game play. Check.

Pretentious "art game" it is then.

All music was used without permission and is credited to Max Richter and Fat Cat Records.

Please don't sue me <3

So it turns out someone has wrote up the plot of the game, in quite some depth. She nailed it, so if anyone is still confused about whats going on, be sure it check it out: http://www.fanfiction.net /s/7258448/1/The_Body


my thoughts on this game is that when shooting upward you die and find your wife/firend and that just jerks my tears.5 stars.

Wow...this game...I love these type of games...I don't even know what to say it left me speechless.

Absolutely Beautiful

It was like all the plot and emotion of a full length movie wrapped into a few minutes. Loved it and the music especially.

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I'm a little shocked by reviews.
"Expected more gameplay"?! For fuck's sake, JUST READ THE DESCRIPTION!
I personally really liked it. Also, nice touch near the end, the one with "use keyboard to aim".
And to all people saying it would be better as movie: imagine that movie. Really. This was designed with interactivity in mind. And it uses it good.
I rate it in it's genre (art/adventure game), so it gets 9/10.
PS: I just browsed other reviews. There are two sides of good reviews, only this looks bad. So NG crowd isn't totally retarded, it seems.

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I messed up within the first 10 seconds since I went right instead of left. I also completely missed the ending when I went back out the door instead of going to the desk.

Anyway, exellent game. It's an art based game so I guess glitches aren't a problem. I only wish I could understand the story, as I can't open the link for the fanfiction page.

Bravo to the devo, I love the music.

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3.95 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2011
5:30 PM EDT
Adventure - Other