The Body

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Black and white. Check.
Obscure plot. Check.
Depressing tone. Check.
Little to no game play. Check.

Pretentious "art game" it is then.

All music was used without permission and is credited to Max Richter and Fat Cat Records.

Please don't sue me <3

So it turns out someone has wrote up the plot of the game, in quite some depth. She nailed it, so if anyone is still confused about whats going on, be sure it check it out: http://www.fanfiction.net /s/7258448/1/The_Body


Pretentious? This is Art and you deserve Artist's title. Well done sir! (sipping a cup of tea with monocle)
"little to no gameplay" made me rofl

dis shit so sad omg his wife is die and then he dead omg
and then he kill he brother omg omg omg im like lejit cryin rite now. no joke.

The story plot is quite interesting in-fact the story drag me to play on this game, its simple but I really dont get the feeling of sadness something is wrong on this game something is missing maybe the music is not that sad at all?Or try some other audio music that fit this story kinda little power and smooth kind of music but just a suggestion, or the way it moves, the way it kills someone ( its wife) it was smooth kind of game its ok to be black in white, try to improve this game maybe. More power to you keep up the nice work

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AwkwardSilenceGames responds:

You don't think the music is sad enough?! What are you? MADE OF STONE!?

I really enjoyed the plot of this game. Rarely do flash games make you feel emotions this deep.

My interpretation of the plot is...
Man buries his wife's body in the woods. While he does he remembers the events leading up to it.
A man witnesses him burying the body so he goes and beats him to death with the shovel. All the while acting like it is sad, like perhaps he killed the man accidentally while in a flashback.
Then as the police close in on him he runs to this shack in the woods, and we see many more garbage bags partially buried, revealing the man's nature as a serial killer, having killed numerous people and burying them in this woods, his ground. That is probably why there is a shotgun in the shack. He then either decides that he wants to die his own way, or take out as many people as he can before he dies.
It is a pretty sick piece of artwork that tried to paint this psycho as a sad figure.

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3.95 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2011
5:30 PM EDT
Adventure - Other