Robots vs Zombi

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The soviet AI is back! Evil corrupted masterminds have found a new way into his base, a zombie plague has started! You have to defend once more from possessions from the undead. Utilize your skill tree with your hero, use turrets and traps against the invasion!

Here is our submision for Robot Day 2011. Any feedback are welcome. If you like game - we will update it soon.

WASD/Arrow - Hero Movement, Mouse - building tower and aim&shoot for hero.
1-5 - shortcuts to build Towers.

Update - fixed bug with freezing zombies, added tutorial, changed first levels and minor fixes.


The hell?

It's a tower defense?
god i had my hopes up...what major disappointment.
Graphics are great but i cant tell what i'm running in to.

god...such a mood killer, was hoping for a Zombie chase and shoot em up.

well good effort i guess ¬ ¬

I honestly didn't like this.

Not to be offensive. But you've re-used the same concept. Over. And over again, for I don't know how many times. Your previous games have been like this, and the games before that have been. There needs to be some creativity here. Not that I didn't like it or anything, but the EXACT same concept used again, whereas instead of robots stealing things, it's zombies now, it's just extremely tiring.

Badim responds:

Yeach, what can i do - i love Tower Defenses. And new maps and possibilities to play it.

more bugs

every other time the zombies come the player mech and the zombies freeze but eveything else still works i can still move towers and stuff but they wont shoot when zombies freeze

Badim responds:

tnx for review. can you tell more - at which level you get this freeze?


I like the game, but the zombies keep getting stuck in place. Then my towers keep shooting at them. They won't take any damage when they get stuck. They just run in place.
I think as soon as that is fixed then this will be a really good game.

Badim responds:

tnx for review. can you tell more - at which level you get this freeze?

Very good game.

This game is really awesome, interesting and balanced (its easy only at begin). Big thanks for this game. Good luck with ur next project i hope they will be more awesome.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2011
5:03 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense

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