Second Chance

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---EDIT--- Front Page?! Thank You Tom!!!

ps. I apologize for the large file size. The animation was made in After Effects so I had to compress it as much as I could without destroying the quality. The original size is 378MB lol.

This was an animation I made for my Studio Project class in my first year. We were challenged to make something related to our field and I choose to make a cartoon. It was a great learning experience with familiarizing myself with After Effects and importing elements from other programs. I really wanted to expand on the animation but I ran out of time. So here is what I came up with for 2011 Robot Day. Enjoy!


good animation

that was a good animation smooth and looks good but i think u can make part 2 when the pink robot wakes up and find the blue robot next to her this gonna be a good start of part 2 and u can explain a lot of the story in that part


it's great animation man it was very... romantic, a little short but was grwat anyway

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Short and sweet

I enjoyed it, the animation was nice and the ending was endearing. Nicely done.

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great effort

The story isn't fully explained, a stray dog can be repaired whereas scavenging for scrap is not allowed?

And there is no transition between running away from the dump to coming home, which makes the emotional scene rather abrupt, hardly giving any time for viewers to gather sympathy.

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Follow Up.

I could actually see a follow up to this... The female 'bot comes online just to see the male 'bot shut down. She then goes out in search of a power core for him.

Just an idea. xD
I really liked this though, the animation of walking could use a little touching up, but other than that it was really good.

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Jul 10, 2011
10:59 AM EDT

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