Second Chance

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---EDIT--- Front Page?! Thank You Tom!!!

ps. I apologize for the large file size. The animation was made in After Effects so I had to compress it as much as I could without destroying the quality. The original size is 378MB lol.

This was an animation I made for my Studio Project class in my first year. We were challenged to make something related to our field and I choose to make a cartoon. It was a great learning experience with familiarizing myself with After Effects and importing elements from other programs. I really wanted to expand on the animation but I ran out of time. So here is what I came up with for 2011 Robot Day. Enjoy!


kinda nice but...

1st:driving a shopping cart home. 2nd: finds an arm and gets almost bombed. 3rd: commits suicide?! srsly?

hrechkaness responds:

The story is a little deeper then the complaints described but I will admit it is incomplete. I tried to get the animation finished for robot day so a lot of the scenes didn't make it in the animation due to time restrictions. Thank you for the review :D


Where is the ending? I think this animation could have been way better, like Talemir already said!

I think you had something.

You could have had a deep meaning behind it but like you said, you ran out of time. It was very short and it had very little substance in it, could have been great if there was more of a story to it though...

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Quite boring video

The story is quite thin, it does not last long at all and has no details, it is very linear and barly nothing unexpected happens. The air bombing was unexpected yes, but the impact of the event was noexistant to the plot.

And the file is stupid big. It is about 17½ MB too big. Drop the video and not only will the file size be sane, you will fix the horrible blur problem that you have.

hrechkaness responds:

Harsh critic I see. Ignoring your first statements the file size is large because the movie was created in After Effects, not Flash. The original movie is 378MB so I compressed it as much as I could without completely destroying the quality. That might explain the "horrible blur problem" that bugs you so much. If you would like to see it in higher quality I left links on the loading page to two other sources.

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Jul 10, 2011
10:59 AM EDT

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