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Robot Day Apocalypse

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Author Comments


Here is my final version of Robot Day Apocalypse. A lot of bugs were fixed and more sound effects were added. This game does run a bit slow on some computer, and sorry about that :(


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I can't like this game.

swishcheese responds:

Thanks for the review.

I can't beat the boss.

Even with full health, the earth seems to have less health than the boss. I can't find a way to block both arms and attack the boss at the same time. Also, the tanks are insanely tough to beat with the gun. Only if I begin mashing the space bar as it flies onto the screen can I destroy it. So, please make both the tanks and the final boss weaker. P.S. On the level where the blue guys are introduced, the level didn't end. I think it might've been because I shoved some off the screen and they never died, so the level never ended. Fix that too, please. Other than that, this game deserves a much higher rating than it has.

swishcheese responds:

The boss is easily beatable, you have to push all the blue guys in front of one of the arms to take the bullets, then deflect the bullets coming from the other arm into the bosses weak spot. Hmmm, and I might weaken the tanks, but with the amount of projectiles in the level you can deflect those into them, and you can destroy them, with I think 200 bullets.

AHH, I didnt think of that, if the blue guys were pushed off the screen and never hit earth, the level would go on forever!! So I will fix that,

-Thanks for the review.


its so f..... buggy you must be out of your mind to upload this crap
its not playable ill hope you are better on your job

no enemies in the third level
in the fourth level the ship disappeared
and there was no chance of returnig it maybe if i was copperfield

swishcheese responds:

hahaha, yeah sorry about that hopefully those bugs are fixed now.

it's not gonna be 1st page ...

Good work, but there is a lot of bugs

swishcheese responds:

bugs, fixed!

Oh jesus..

Did you not test this? Christ..

No enemies at all on level 3?

Also waaay too many points gained for whats in the shop, i'd got everything by level 4, even after that empty level.

Level 5 = first boss? Didnt know, still found the gun upgrade after level 6.

Also, why make your gun damage the planet and put it on the back of your ship. xD

I gave you 4 cause it has potential, levels, shop, different enemy types, not super easy. Was a bit laggy tho.. but oh well, just you needa test it more before submitting. :P

swishcheese responds:

Thank you, yes i didnt get time to test it :( I definately shouldve, but everything should be fixed now, hopefully.