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Chameneon 5 Points

Keep those nails trimmed

e-m-b-r-i-o 5 Points

Kill. Everyone.

Flowers10 5 Points

Reclaim you sunglasses

J-qb 5 Points

Sell out

Luwano 5 Points

Take out the trash

MasterMerol 5 Points

Don't let the bedbugs bite

NicKoLa93 5 Points

Give birth

Owenn 5 Points

Do nothing

Peglay 1 5 Points

Die alone

Peglay 2 5 Points

Domo Arigato Mister...

ReNaeNae 5 Points


rendibsivad 5 Points

Save the planet

test-object 5 Points

Enter the dragon

ThePsychoSheep 5 Points

Dream big, little man

TurkeyOnAStick 1 5 Points

And bears, oh my!

TurkeyOnAStick 2 5 Points


ZaneZansorrow 5 Points

Bee beautiful

Zodape 5 Points

Cock joke

Everything by Everyone 10 Points

Build all robots

Fast Builder 25 Points

Complete a robot with less than a minute on the clock

Author Comments

Lil' Jose desperately wants a robot. Why? Why, you'll only figure it out if you help him! Use the arrow keys to fly around in his jet-pack and pick up parts using the spacebar. Figure out which 5 robot parts match up and you'll unlock one of the 18 ending animations. Full-screen is supported and if the game runs slow, you can change the graphic quality any second.

Extra thanks to; Chameneon, e-m-b-r-i-o, Flowers10, J-qb, Luwano, MasterMerol, NicKoLa93, Owenn, Peglay, rendibsivad, ReNaeNae, ThePsychoSheep, TurkeyOnAStick, ZaneZansorrow, Zodape. Also visit TharosTheDragon, since he is kick-ass and you should remember his name forever.

Deepest apologies to; Mindchamber : <

UPDATE: Thank you for frontpage. May the light of Shiva shine upon you, Newgrounds.
UPDATE2: We have tweaked the game a little bit; since the rules haven't been clear for many of you, we explained them a bit more thoroughly. We also added in a "play" button in the gallery that takes you straight to the game from there. Finally, we cleaned up the 'Bonus' a little. Cheers.
UPDATE3: To those who were let down by the Bonus before, check it out now for a little extra ;3


Hard and fun game here.

OK so i just want to get this started and mention here that you have something good here you have a good vision of ideas and an overall good concept of stuff, and thats all it really takes to get something like this really going, now throughout the review i may suggest some ideas but thats later in the review, Wow i must say that was a pretty impressive game it really hurts on the fingers cause you have to really do alot with clicking here and there, i would love to see more combonations i think i went thu 3 dif phases and overall was a fun game i really enjoyed it, so nice effort here and hope to see more work from you on this. the game was fun and hard at the same time but it was well worth it, so anyways good game here. and so that brings an end to this review the game was good it had some entertaining value some interest was high on this one, and basicly kept me focused on everything that was going on and i look forward to seeing more soon.

And here we are in the improvments of this sub,ission, so on this one there is always some sort of room for making things better, i think you covered all the bases though bringing some good elements and fun to it all, so i will post up a few ideas and advice if needed. Maybe a slower pace, and maybe not so much pjases so its somewhat easier.


test-object responds:

Protip: You can keep it pressed down instead of ramming it. ;)

wow this must have been hard to make

People find this review helpful!
test-object responds:

haha, sure was. Thanks for the review :)

good game. 4 star's :3 :3 :3

when i play a game with medals the game says ive got a medal but i dont have one

test-object responds:

That's Newgrounds messing up a bit. Refresh the page and you'll see you have one.

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3.96 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2011
12:52 AM EDT
Skill - Collect

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