Robotic Heart

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This is the story of a simple robot in search of 4 items that can control the elements of the earth to save the world from evil forces, explore lands and magical places protected by the keepers of the elements and fight the final boss in this game fantastic created in pixel art.

Other instructions:
For the mini-game of the key uses the arrow keys to move the key, avoid the black cube and reach the green flashing panel.

-In this game there are many dialogues and probably many spelling errors, EXCUSE MY ENGLISH!

-This game is the winner of the third prize of the robot day 2011 (60$), thanks newgrounds!

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This game is pretty bad in almost every aspect - getting #3 on robot day makes one think about the competition...

First off: This is a platform game.....? Apparently. It's also short, too slow-paced and lacks the "robot factor" - this means everything in the game could have been replaced by something else while retaining (if not improving) most, if not all, it's original properties.

Simply put: There's no reason for the robots in this game to be robots. I also think that mixing up the 4 elements with robots in a "natural" way makes almost no sense, and even less when it goes to "fight evil" because robots are not really into the moral fields.

Second: Since the platforming part is really bad, playing experience relies almost solely on the story, which is kinda generic and does not make much sense. All this makes for a rather unpleasant experience - I find myself playing only for the medals.

Now, I'm not saying this style isn't good. It was just badly executed on this particular game. There are similar games (many of which I liked) that focus solely on story, leaving the platformer thing simply as a way to tell the story.

In short: develop story better, remove trick jumpings (actually, remove ALL jumping and whatnot) and make movement faster and more "levels" and entities to explore and interact.

Graphics are nice, I liked the robot and guardians design. Sound, too, was fine, although at the end, music won't stop, making for a rather anti-climatic situation.

Overall rating: 2 stars. Had lots of potential, but execution blew it up. One can say the game was "executed" twice.

I found this game on the Art cathegory, so I expected at the very least some plot twist that turned a sluggish platformer into an indie hit. Still waiting.

Story was generic; seriously, it is the old "hero awakens to fight the villain with powers from the gods." The movement was slow, and the only challenge was the key and boss events. The boss fight was ridiculously annoying, just because the player is too tall and too slow to avoid all the attacks.

One of the medals is true hero, which I assume is to not die during the game, or to not get hit during the boss, both of which are implausible.

The English seemed like it was taken from a translator; i do not take off points for this, because not everyone knows English and because it was still legible, but just saying that it gets really weird at times.

The boss fight is just ridiculous. Every boss fight in a game should be made like this: you can avoid the projectiles, it is only a matter of your skills. In this one when the boss shoots his bullets directly towards you, without any angle, there is no way you can avoid it because you are too tall and the game does not give you an ability to crouch. During the first stage you cannot jump over them and in the second one you just fall too slowly to avoid the next projectile. Also, as it already was pointed out, if you stand in the wrong place before activating the power of light you just instantly die.

the story was TOTAL BULLSHIT, the music was ok, in the whole game the only thng you had to do was walking with a horrible slow speed, the boss had both inpossible to block and really easy attacks.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2011
4:26 AM EDT
Adventure - Other