SMRPG Waltz of the Forest

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"Waltz of the Forest"
Performed by Final Boss
Vocals by Kirbopher
Rapping by ShadyVox
Opera by MusicalMike
Arrangement by Psyguy

"Rawest Forest" by Martin Hagwell
"Geno's Forest" by XBrav
"Beware the Forest Mushrooms" by Yoko Shimomura

Back in 2007, the last Flash animation I did as I was graduating High School and entering College was a music video based on "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" for the Super Nintendo, a game that I have over a decade of history with. Yoko Shimomura's music is a huge part of what's so amazing about this game, "Beware the Forest Mushrooms" (theme of the "Forest Maze" stage) being one of her most highly regarded compositions. DJ XBrav created a lyrical version of the song that took the internet by storm many years ago, evolving into a meme that fans of the game all know and love. Martin Hagwell later remixed this into the popular "Rawest Forest" song, which I later used as the song for the music video that has now received millions of views in the past several years.

Today, as the last Flash animation I'm doing as I graduate College and enter into the rest of my life: Myself, Blake "ShadyVox" Swift, Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien and Musical Mike Patterson, have joined forces to bring you a new version of the popular Forest Maze composition from Super Mario RPG, paying tribute to both XBrav's and Marta's remixes as well as Yoko Shimomura's original piece. This animation was done over the course of two weeks, as opposed to the original music video that was finished in one week. I crammed in as many geeky references in there as I possibly could to show my appreciation for this amazing game and I hope everyone who's ever played Super Mario RPG will get a big smile in remembering all the fun stuff from Mario and company's adventures. Big thanks as well to my creative partners that helped in making this song and everyone who supported me during the animation process.

Follow Geno's route there!


... I'm disappointed.

You know what, before I begin the actual review, let me take into account a few things. I noticed in the past, you have stated that you are making the flashes you want and the reason being you enjoy making them. I can relate to that, mostly because I make horrible voice acting because I enjoy it, but really, if that's the best excuse you have for not improving whatsoever and listen to those who criticize you, that just shows that you're either not learning, you refuse to listen to others, or you lack the diligence or patience to take the time and improve. Please, don't just read reviews and just ignore the bad ones like you seem to do a lot. Open your eyes, you've been using the same style of artwork for years now, and I have hardly seen any improvement since 2010, actually 2009 except for a few changes.

Now on to the actual review of the flash. Alright, the introduction caught my attention for once, and hardly anyone has actually caught my attention through a simple introduction, but I can see you are different. But, it doesn't make up for the flaws. First of all, you still don't shade? You'd think by now you would actually shade in the characters, but no. Actually, the shading was flat out gradient. That's not what many artists define as shading. The audio quality of course was top-notch. If this were a tribute, I can understand, but this is more of a remix of an old song than a tribute. I thought this would take me back, but I was taken aback by how the animation was almost the same and the fact that the song had rap was just awful. You say that you make this in about 2 weeks correct? The artwork isn't bad if you were trying to place in a lot of effort over a course of 2 weeks, but don't you think you should take your time? You're in no rush, and seeing as though this has nothing to do with anything else other than sharing it with others, I see no reason why you have to do everything in 2 weeks. Perhaps you were anxious or impatient? I wouldn't know.

The original song itself I must admit, felt really nostalgic. However, that song is outdated and old. It isn't as popular as it was today. Again, you must have created this because you still love it or like it today, but remember this, you won't expect a majority to agree in your perspective. It's like if I took "All your base" and attempted to remix it to appeal to audiences today. It won't work if it's outdated. Things that are good die out eventually, and obviously, your sense of style and taste when it comes to making flash animations hasn't died out yet. I've also noticed you haven't been making anything original since 2009, and the recent flashes involving you you had no part of in making other than the voicing. Don't get me wrong here, I sort of share the same interests as you, but the real difference between you and me, I don't plaster my interests wherever I go and expect a lot of people to like it as much as me. That probably isn't even your goal, but don't you think it's about time you did something original for a change? I haven't seen anything original since 2009.

... I wish you would actually listen to me this time, and a lot of others too. But according to my expectations, I don't see that happening. I'm done.


i loved it like omg amazing great motion to it

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I SO want to play this game now. You've taken something amazing and turned it into something awesome--and took that and made it even more. You're an amazing animator, and though I recently joined this place, I'll watch all of your stuff--today's and the future's. Also, have a happy graduation and a great future!

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this HAS to be the most amazing vid i have ever seen for mario EVER!!!!!!
make more!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


THIS EPIC SONG D:... meh whatever
super marioo arpeegee...

great song, catchy, part of my childhood too, i'm crying tears of joy

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