Brain Numbers - Vol 1

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IMPORTANT: You only get ONE SINGLE PLAYTHROUGH, so think about your answers! Otherwise you could cheat... you cheaters.

Can you solve the 10 sequential number puzzles in the first volume of Brain Numbers? This game was inspired by Puzzle Agent and Puzzle Agent 2. I dedicate this game to the best puzzle agent out there: Nelson Tethers!

You will be presented with a set of numbers and you are to figure out what the next number in the sequence is supposed to be! Some are related to math while other are based on general knowledge or even dates of a special series of movies!

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Easy, no hints used

Got full points - 1000 - with the following answers:
1: 5 (Speaks for itself)
2: 17 (Low Number Sequence)
3: 3888 (Multiplying differences)
4: 89 (Fibonacci Sequence)
5: 31 (Sequence: -3, +3, -1, +1)
6: 1704 (Georgian Calender Leap Years)
7: 3 (Square Roots)
8: 1999 (Star Wars films)
9: 88 (Golden Ratio)
10: 111221 (Pea sequence)

Fun but hard

Got stuck at 6

Good game, still..

I don't think you should make the tips cost 50 point simply because you can't beat the puzzle without them, your game wasn't based on a logical aspect.

Still, I loved your tips.
Even when we was googling them, we still needed to think on the answer (like the leap year question).
They just need to cost less/be free!

blah -_-

Its a cool game but i just hate math, i got through the first two puzzle things then quit. If i was better at math i would like this more

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2011
5:26 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz