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Murloc RPG: SF

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Author Comments

The classic RPG is back, and now with the Stranglethorn Fever expansion officially available on Newgrounds. Are you going to see Murloc RPG 2? If the fans still want it, I will have to oblige! This one's for the fans. Enjoy.

Take it easy on the game, it's 5 years old. I understand there might be some bugs but I hope you can still enjoy this classic RPG. I recommend clicking through text (instead of using spacebar) because you'll run into some choices eventually.

What's new in Stranglethorn Fever:
* New and improved items
* Expansive new area to explore
* Gurubashi Arena, a worthy challenge!
* Zul'Gurub instance: You will not survive
* Faster gameplay
* Improved battle animations
* And lots of secrets to find!

Make sure you enter the Goblin's teleporter to play the new area!


9001 INTERNETZ TO YOU SIR, buuut.....

ways to improve:
-make it so that when you save the map does not change when you load it again(so you don't have to restart the faire)
-make it so that you can return from darkmoon faire to play the rest of the game
-make a message appear when you are overwriting a save, i lost my lvl20 warrior this way
-make more hp/energy regaining items
-make prices more realistic in the shop next to the tournament
-fix the bug where when you try to load a blank save slot it tells you that you are trying to hack the game(you can't return from this screen)
-give the option to delete inventory items, i.e. the teleportation rune, which, if you take a few, permanently decreases your inventory space.
-make more intermediate items, instead of noob items for the beginning of the
game which you have to use until hours of money farming for the better ones.

but i really mean it about returning from darkmoon faire, otherwise, if the player wants to experience the full game, they have to work extremely hard to finish the arena, and when they get to the faire, there will be no challenge whatsoever.

otherwise, great game, a classic rpg, but extremely lacking in a few basic areas (mainly function)

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i hate it when you're training for the big wolf, he always has the same lvl as you

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epic game :D i love it.... its somehow easy not to easy but still im lvl 15 and i killed a lvl 25 o.O but its a really great game (warcraft) xD 10/10

Very Good, but has some annoying difficulty curves

First I'd like to say that I love this game, which is actually saying a lot considering how much I usually hate turn based combat. But the turns pass by so quickly in this game that it is really enjoyable.
However, I do have a few issues, namely the fact that my energy cap never increases. I understand that that is for balance purposes, but I really, /really/ think that it needs to increase, not as fast as health (maybe just 5 points a level or something), but the whole 55 energy thing is /really/ a problem for me.
For instance, I was fighting Momma Croc, and I used my health item to get enough health to use pyro blast her.
It took out half of her health, and then she killed me.
Had I been able to cast shield, and then pyroblast this might not have been an issue. But I /really/, /really/ have a problem with having to blow through my energy restoring items for just 10 more energy. It's a huge annoyance for me as a player and I would really appreciate either lowering the energy cost so I could at least cast those spells twice before having to restore mana, or letting me have more mana.

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un-mediocre responds:

Look for items with agility to raise your energy. You can find them in the Stranglethorn Fever expansion area!

hidden tip!

once you get the candle from defeating the kobold fagnus, if you use it to kill the legendary fish in zul gurub, using only the regular attack and no healing items and skills/spells, you're giving the best item in the game early!

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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2011
4:03 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place July 9, 2011