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Murloc RPG: SF

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The classic RPG is back, and now with the Stranglethorn Fever expansion officially available on Newgrounds. Are you going to see Murloc RPG 2? If the fans still want it, I will have to oblige! This one's for the fans. Enjoy.

Take it easy on the game, it's 5 years old. I understand there might be some bugs but I hope you can still enjoy this classic RPG. I recommend clicking through text (instead of using spacebar) because you'll run into some choices eventually.

What's new in Stranglethorn Fever:
* New and improved items
* Expansive new area to explore
* Gurubashi Arena, a worthy challenge!
* Zul'Gurub instance: You will not survive
* Faster gameplay
* Improved battle animations
* And lots of secrets to find!

Make sure you enter the Goblin's teleporter to play the new area!

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So um, I cannot play the game for some reason. It doesn't load, and i'm sad.

Hi ,i've loved this game ever since it came out . its a great way to release the murloc in you . Love it .
By the way , i'm having some issues with the Newgrounds player , hope someone can help me :
i'm using chrome , when i open this page it says it cannot be played on my browser , so i downloaded newgrounds player and now im playing the game . When i save my game and close the NG player , and then open it later to resume my game , my saves are gone , i have to start all over again . Can someone help me out ????

Can you play this in the Newgrounds Player?

most op combo
Cold blood + pyroblast

Step 1: Lots of Magic Dust
Step 2: Learn Frost Nova
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Win