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Sarthak The Unforgivable!

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This is my entry for Round 2 of the Tournament of Flash Animators (TOFA) 2011. The theme was "Wrongfully Accused".

Finally! I thought of a short entry! My other two entries were 3 minutes and 7 minutes respectively. Thanks to this entries short length, I was able to spend more time on the animation. I believe this is my best ANIMATED piece of TOFA so far (plot still goes to "Lost Heart, Found Danger", but the animation here definitely kick ass!) I also have a digital painting that I shall upload to the Art Portal shortly after posting this, part of it is in the credits. Hope you enjoy!


HAHAHAHA Very funny! :)

For the next episode maybe consider a bit of furry drama between Sarthak a "Tumbles the Stairdragon"!

I can just bet that in a short time there will also be some RULE 34 fan art of Sarthak floating around the net! ;)

Now, how many furries do you think will show up at a con with a Sarthak fursuit in the near future? Someone will do it for sure!

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ScaredyDave responds:

Haha! Oh Jesus I hope I don't see any Rule 34 of Sarthak! Although I'd feel a little accomplished if I managed to make something worth 34ing, Id still feel weirded out! lol On the other hand, I will personally take a picture with, high five, and possibly even pay anyone I see wearing a Sarthak costume to Comic Con or something. That would be the ultimate honor!

kick ass dude!

yeah i cant believe it was rated so badly before, great vid and nice comeback!

Funny :D

I love Dino

The meat of it was good but,

The ending wasn't exactly too funny, compared to the meat in the middle.

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First rule at costume convetions.

Always check for nametags.

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4.32 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2011
5:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original