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Oxob vs Morion

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This is my 4th RHG battle. This one was made for the RHG Tournament over at Fluidanims.com. I was matched up against Godmouth and his RHG, Morion. I was a bit short on time wile making this one though so I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna loose this one.

Oxob vs Morion. Enjoy!

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Awesome job, you really went out of your way to make Morion's movements slow and powerful, something Morion failed to reverse in his animation for your character. Lots of combat, lots of punches thrown, and a clever finisher. Not much left to be desired. The only real problem is the lack of Oxob's powers being utilized, I only see one punch with electricity behind it. Still, in terms of the raw combat this is superior to Morion's animation.

When they say he's unkillable, they probably mean it. If that's the case, then it doesn't matter if he gets his head torn off, it just means that Morion was merely defeated and nothing more.

Thought it would be interesting; in a way it was.

- Animation looks good
. Fight moves weren't something that haven't been done before but were still nice/pretty/whatever you want to say to look at
- Music I liked since it was more "serious" than in other ones of yours I have seen (or felt like it anyhow)
- I was disappointed though, since it said Morion is unkillable. For someone unkillable he sure died pretty easy! :/ Was also hoping you to lose for once :P

In any case, I enjoyed what I saw, just that I was expecting a more tougher fight and, perhaps, longer.

4/5, 8/10

Honestly I thought Morion had you o.o

Nice fight ... Keep it Clan Style

Too Bad For Morion

I didn't like morion's attitude even if i do like emo..
but he's totally boring,..,.,.,.

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4.39 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2011
12:57 PM EDT