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A Lovely Plight

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My Tofa entry. The topic was "Wrongfully Accused".




It's okay...maybe if you put more elements into it. The animation was nice and the music but perhaps you could have increased the volume in some parts to add to the ambiance. There's a hint of a story but you didn't continue with it...

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the artwork reminded me a lot of the brackenwood series. And the story was verry cliché, like you where busy animating and at the last bit you thought "let's make a story in it".

But other than that... the animation was smooth, so you are going in the good direction.


OK,i get the start of the beginning but how come he has to die when all he did was kneel down to her and then die from the arrow? Isn't he super human?


A 9, if only that i think you could have upped the sound quality in the end (considering it was the only line said.) That out of the way, it leaves you in question. Is the guy wrongly confused, or was he really just coming back to eat the lady? O-O And who was that other guy? And wow, those trees were drawn really well! So were the clouds- yeah, did you see the light beams? Actually, that detail struck me the most, because you didn't use the glow or blur effect to do it. Very interesting.

Nice bro.

I liked it, especially how u arched the girl at her rib injury to give the guise that the guy killed her; as it looked when he stood over her.
Also liked lighting effect you used in the woods.
Good job bro, especially on a time limit. Keep it up.

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3.93 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2011
3:26 AM EDT