Number Ninjas

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Number Ninjas started out as a experimental prototype and eventually grew out to what it now is. The game has 20 levels and has been created in a time-span of a little over a year. Hope you enjoy it.


some people arent real gamers

everything was fine with the game, i like that i had to plan out my routes before actually heading into the stage in the later levels, made me feel like a real ninja. i liked the final boss fight, but i found a trick to just [spoiler] become the number zero then multiply by everything [/spoiler]. i wish the final fight was a bit harder. yeah the jumping sucks at some parts but it really just put your timing to the test. loved it and waiting for a sequel.

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improvement needed

this would have been a good game, but the fact that the jumping sequence was absolutely awful was definitely a downer. Please improve on this, it took me at least ten minutes to complete stage 5, just because of the fact that i kept missing the jump up to the number 8.

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no bad no good

i dont have idea

good idea, good format, bad errors

I found your game to be in good taste. It has good storyline and an original idea of gameplay, BUT there are so many errors in the actual gameplay that it greatly takes away from the overall quality level. For example, when trying to make the jump to the upper pedistil in level 14, I always found myself falling short. Also, I had to refresh to get to level 16 because the game froze. Next time do a playthrough yourself, or have a friend do it, and see if any of the platforming is crazy hard or glitched. Also, add a pause menu because I had to stop at certain times and I found myself worying my charcter would die. but other than that, awsome job!

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...couldn't finish it.

I like the concept, using math to complete several sequences of stages, and the art is nice and dynamic.....
That's ALL that I liked about the game., here's what I didn't

1: The Hit zone is so damn screwed up...multiple times I would throw a "sign" weapon at a number...to have it do one of 2 options...land right above or beneath it, or completely OVERshoot it. (Sometimes the would undershoot them and leave me needing to restart the entire level, but I blame that on my incompetence on that part.)

2: They see me on the ladder, even though I should be completely out of reach of NORMAL sight....not so bad with one enemy, but when you are blocked from the bottom by an enemy, and another enemy at the top is coming, it would be nice to not have this irritant making it even more complex than it should be.

3: (Concept of enemy attacks) In the animations done by fallen number speech bubbles, you can clearly see that the Enemy numbers are CHASING the other numbers...so why don't they chase you/me? It's awkward that they just stand there, staring at you from a couple of feet away, pointing a HUMONGOUS spear at you...

4: Jumping...platform jumping is not this game strong point, and is better left untouched and just rely on ladders. I recall that one of the earler levels killed me at least 7 times, just trying to get to a slightly higher platform, and I of course wouldn't make it and fall into spikes when trying to get back up, because the jumping is HORRIBLE!!!!!This happened multiple times, like I said, before I got lucky and continued.

5: Final annoyance, the camera....
I HATED IT!!!!!!!
Normal---you can't see 5 feet in front of you
Zoomed out---you can't move, but can see everything.
Solutions: Either make Normal at least twice as big and allow movement during zooming out, or remove it completely and keep the zoomed out as the default.

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4.37 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2011
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle