Number Ninjas

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Number Ninjas started out as a experimental prototype and eventually grew out to what it now is. The game has 20 levels and has been created in a time-span of a little over a year. Hope you enjoy it.


Interesting but plagued by controls

The game is interesting and requires some thought about what you're going to do in what order. The only problem are the controls. I have had so many problems when I try to jump and just die because I fail to go the requisite height. The jump is also unresponsive and unforgiving when getting near ledges, which is required for more than a few jumps. Otherwise, interesting and fun puzzle

decent, i'd say

thanks for warning me it was gonna be about math. not particularly my favorite subject, but i still like the idea. the music was nice too.

the one thing that really annoyed me though was the controls. the jumping is just too finicky. making the jump height a little bit higher would make the game more bearable

This, my good sir, was excellent.

I think this is the only time that I have actually enjoyed math (Even though I'm somewhat good at it). It had to factors you had to master, knowing how to correctly perform math (In the way that this game used it anyways) and how not to die basically, two concepts that don't really require a lot of skill. Now I'm not saying that the math was easy, I'm just saying that if you give it enough time, you can get through each level by yourself, it does take a little figuring, but eventually just about anyone can get it.

As I was looking through a few of the reviews, I noticed one that complained about how during the zoom effect, you could only move up and down on ladders or squat, and not actually move around (Ok, maybe it wasn't so much complaining as a friendly suggestion as to how the game could be better in that person's own opinion), however, I believe it was done just right. Using the Zoom feature gives you a look at the whole level and allows you to perform some maneuvers that can be helpful if you happened to underestimate an enemies movements, but it allows you to do the figuring of what you need to do during that level, you don't need to be in Zoom the whole time. A person should be able to figure out what they need to do by using Zoom, and then perform it without zoom, e.g. figuring out an enemies position and movements, then figuring out when is the best time to either get past it or eliminate it. That is really the purpose I understood that it was for, and it was well used.

Over all, this was a game that was really worth the time it took to play for me, sure, some levels did take a good deal of time for me, because of mistakes made, or just plain out having a hard time figuring out how to solve problems, but eventually I conquered each of the 20 levels set before me. The music was a good fit as well, and honestly, the fact that it infinitely looped didn't bother me, though it might bother some people.

I do have one question for the author. In the 5th level, there is a #1 ninja hanging over a pit of spikes, and I was just curious if it was actually possible to reach it to see if it had something to say, or is it just, well, there? If this can be answered,
I'd appreciate it : )

Once again, great game, and I look forward to what you meant by "To Be Continued", a sequel most likely, but I shall see.

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this game is weird

what is the point of this game

good game

good game, but at level 8 the + wouldnt throw so i couldnt kill the 3 and move on

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4.37 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2011
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle