Number Ninjas

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Number Ninjas started out as a experimental prototype and eventually grew out to what it now is. The game has 20 levels and has been created in a time-span of a little over a year. Hope you enjoy it.


Needs a bit of tweaking but still great idea!

Well, I got to say I love the idea of a bunch of Numbers being Ninjas but the games a tad clunky with the limited vision and awkward controls. But despite that it's a great game. Reminds me of that game where you play as an I and try to find the letter T.

That said keep it up!

Nice... But only the concept.

Or maybe the execution wasn't right...

The fact that I could turn around and suddenly die because I have very little vision behind me is very, very irritating. Furthermore, it's instantaneous death, and it's also the worst kind. That being extremely sudden death.

You have it... Or have you? What I'm referring to is holding the Z button down for zooming out. This is great, when you're trying to solve puzzles, but not so much when trying to carry it out. Furthermore, the throw distance is a bit too short. Maybe giving it a bit of extra reach will help. I find myself throwing it JUST outside of range, because the animation is far too sudden when throwing it, I end up misjudging the distance over and over again. Okay, sure I could get used to it, but this is the kind of thing that turns people away from playing. Then finally, there's also the jumping. It's short, too short for taste, and it just feels restricted. Maybe allowing higher or double jump? It would make it a lot easier. I mean, the traps sometimes are accidentally fallen into, simply BECAUSE of the controls.

Thing is though, we're not playing a 3D game, changing our screen so that we see hardly anything behind us, and a lot in front of us, is not a good effect. It's fine in 3D platformers, simply because in front takes more precedence. But on a 2D game, it just ends in, well, generally not being too fun.

If I was to commend anything though, this is very solid animation. It's smooth, it plays and moves well, okay. Maybe not plays all that well, but it is certainly impressive animating skills. Basically, I'd say there's just the throwing to fix, since it comes off as a bit... Well, short and hard to judge it's distance. There's also the camera, that could use some fixing, actually, more like changing. Though that's not as big a problem as those goddamn spears, or the jumping for that matter.

It'd have been a bit better if this was a straight out action platformer actually, but adding puzzle to it was... Not all that good an idea, considering how it plays. For a puzzle game, you don't need the difficulty of a platformer, or an action game. We're meant to be using our head more than our hands here.

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This was nice, but I got stuck on a bug that was impossible to get out of without restarting the whole game... In the level with the hanged red 1, where you end by going down a ladder, the game jumped and I ended up at the bottom of the ladder. I couldn't climb back up or go in any direction, and for some reason the quit game button from the esc menu didn't respond either... Neither did the restart.

It is a shame because this was a nice little game but I couldn't be bothered to reload the whole thing

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Nice concept, but the controls were too slow and movement took too long for it to be particularly fun. It would have been more fun if there'd been a more fluid movement system (such as N or Fancy Pants Adventure or Super Meat Boy's). The puzzles were good, but they just took far too long to do, even once you'd figured out the solution, to be any fun.

Next time I recommend either breaking levels into clumps with multiple sections or speeding up the core gameplay to prevent players from becoming bored.

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I have no clue, but I somehow keep falling through the ground :S

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4.37 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2011
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle