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Normandy Survival

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I improved my first-ever game specifically for Newgrounds, including a preloader and pre-game advertisement using the Newgrounds API. I'm having a lot of trouble with the NG Scores API, though. If anyone knows how to completely implement the NG scores API and its code and drag-n-drop leaderboard into an AS2 game, please PM me. I really need the help! Anyway, enjoy the game. Your support is appreciated, especially since it's my first game ever. When I can figure out how to do so, I'll update the game with the fully functional NG Scores API included. Until then, please keep my game alive if you like, and I hope you appreciate all the effort I put into enhancing this game for Newgrounds. :) Thanks, all!

UPDATE: The game has been updated to be harder for you players. Enjoy! :D

UPDATE: I have updated the game's menu placement, and the spawning time of the left-side enemies.

NOTIFICATION: Woot! First 600 plays! Keep it up, guys, and keep spreading the word of this game to your frends. XD

REMEMBER: Just PM me if you experience any bugs or issues with the game! :)

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I like this game because it memorializes the brave American soldiers that fought against the Aryan menace
If they hadn't sacrificed themselves, us Jews wouldn't be able to bankrupt their descendents with regulatory capture or even outright fraud
Oy vey! What a world that would be!


Looks like some kind of mock up for the "real" game to me. The graphics aren't what I would call "pretty". They look too simple and sometimes even quite sloppy.

I couldn't hear any sound effects, which made the game a bit boring to play. Some gunfire sounds and/or background music would've been a good touch.

While the enemies that spawn in front of me are easy to fight (simply keep the space bar pressed down) the enemies that spawn behind me are impossible to fight. They will always get at least one shot at me before I even have a chance to realize they are there. This makes the game impossible to beat. Enemies shouldn't be able to shoot while they still are off screen.

Games like Metal Slug are incredibly hard, but not one single enemy in this game is able to shoot at the player while he's still off screen. I suggest you take a good look at Metal Slug like games to know what I am talking about. You could also let such games inspire you to make a few more adjustments to your own game.
Right now all the enemies are on ground level. Why not have them spawn at some higher places like a rooftop or something like that? This way the game still can reach a high difficulty level and it becomes less repetitive.

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austinplaneboy responds:

I had trouble with the rear enemies, myself. Heh. Also, I think I have played Metal Slug on XBLA(I'm not sure why it's called "Metal Slug", though). Your bug reports are appreciated and will be taken into consideration for the next update(or a "Remastered Edition") of this game. Thank you. (^_^)

Needs work

This game suffers from being repetitive, simple and rather boring. Not to mention that it's impossible to reach the goal you want us to reach.

First off, let's talk graphics. They're really simple, drawn with the pencil tool, I should assume, and though they don't look bad, they certainly don't look good. Everything looks really flat and the coloring is boring. You should try first off making your models better. Though I wouldn't support using the line too for everything, I believe you could've used it for some of the background items in this one. THe animation isn't terrible, but the feet move way too fast and in an unnatural walking sequence.

There is no audio that I could hear, which is a real bad thing. Sound effects and a soundtrack, maybe even a selection of songs you could choose from, is always a nice addition to a game.

The gameplay itself is really simple. You walk back and forth at a really high speed, you jump and you shoot. The jump lasts way long and is far too slow to be used efficiently.

The enemy spawns from behind are terrible to fight. You're really not given enough time to turn around and kill them, as they start shooting before they come on screen, and both the enemies and the bullets move really fast. Jumping doesn't really help either here.

The menu could use a freshener. Different colors, better looking buttons, a background and a nice title would give off a really good first impression. I thought I'd be given a backstory if I clicked the "Why you're to survive" button, but there's no real story to it. It's not necessary, but somewhat misleading with a button like that.

Variations in enemies and weapons would be real nice. Being able to pick up weapons and ammo, and fight different enemies in different stages would really make this game a lot better.

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austinplaneboy responds:

If I had a 60, or 90-day free trial, you'd probably have all those features. ;) Yeah, I guess I forgot to put the backstory in there, but time was running out on my trial, and I had to get it out there before I had a 3/4 finished project on my hands and no way to finish it without shelling out un-recooperative cash on the software. Updates, or a "Remastered Edition" of this game, will come online soon after I can get the full version of Adobe Flash CS5.5.

Need more gameplay

First of all, it is a hard game...not that this is some motive to vote it down but I think it was too hard because is almost impossible to get a score of 20, I made 12~13. The gameplay is a bit boring, is just walk and shoot, nothing more - not forgetting to mention that the health goes down really fast. I think you should try to create some kind of levels, I mean, try setting up a system which the first difficulty is easy, while the score is going up, the difficulty level increases, then you have a proportional difficulty.

Maybe you could try to add more weapons to your inventory - like grenades, bombs, pistol. This game needs medpacks also.

The enemies could have loads more of improvement, there is only one kind of enemy. The graphics quality is good for a first game.

By the way, it really needs some sounds and music. (If you don't added because Flash gave you a messege about 'could not import', it's because he can't read big MP3, convert it for WAV)

Well that's it.
~ Review Request Club

austinplaneboy responds:

Thanks for the relative positivity. Again-I was restricted during development by a 30-day free trial.

Needs a lot of work

I find it sad that while it does have a basic premise of "survive and kill this many to beat game" it lacks a whole lot to this game in a lot of ways.

First is if you have a Newgrounds preloader there really shouldn't be some ad that plays for some reason. The game takes a very short time to load anyways. Then the buttons on the menu could possibly use work such as being smaller and a little less sloppy looking. Could possibly just have the text be the buttons actually, not too awful hard to do in flash even though coding takes awhile.

The lack of music is very bad or any sound at all for that matter. Could add some war music that plays while you are trying to survive against the 750 soldiers you need to kill in this games. Then while playing I think the sound of walking and gun shots would also be a nice addition to this game and make it slightly more entertaining to the audience.

The gameplay seems pretty simple since you can just hold either left or right and both together and just shoot in both directions as well. Although I only managed to survive up to 120 before I died. Adding some health packs that fall from time to time is also another thing to consider here.

Storyline is somewhat original and focuses on World War II which I suppose is interesting in this one.

Overall, just needs to have a lot of work done.

Review Request Club

austinplaneboy responds:

The ads are to help support me so I can afford the full version of Adobe Flash CS5.5 and make much higher-quality games (development time on this game was restricted by a 30-day free trial). Although even with them, plus revenue from both MochiMedia, and kongregate.com, I've still barely made any more than about $2.25 or so. When I can, I'm thinking about making a "Remastered Edition" with all graphics and gameplay elements updated-with sound, and an intro video, too!