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Wasted Youth, Part 1

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A Little on the Side 5 Points

Complete a side-mission

Antiquist 5 Points

Inspect Stouffer's painting

Bustin' For a Crap! 5 Points

Take a shit

Education, Education, Education 5 Points

Go to a lesson

Flower Fun 5 Points

Water your plant

Hello, Hammy 5 Points

Say Hello to Hammy the Hamster

Lazy Bones 5 Points

Take a nap in the day

Lock Picker 5 Points

Pick a lock successfully

Tele Addict 5 Points

Watch TV

Too Much Fud 5 Points

Be sick

Completionist (1) 10 Points

Complete 3 of the Main Missions

Piggy Love (1) 10 Points

Collect 10 Piggymon Cards

Stylish Prat 10 Points

Wear a different costume

Super Drinker 10 Points

Drink all 3 types of drink

Super Eater 10 Points

Eat all 4 types of meal

Book Worm 25 Points

Read every book

Completionist (2) 25 Points

Complete 7 of the Main Missions

Facebook Stalker 25 Points

Read all pupil profiles

Piggy Love (2) 25 Points

Collect 25 Piggymon cards

Completionist (3) 50 Points

Complete the game

NERD! 50 Points

Attend every lesson

Piggy Love (3) 50 Points

Collect all 50 Piggymon cards

Socialism 50 Points

Talk to everybody

Well and Truly Done 100 Points

100% completion

Author Comments

Wasted Youth, Part 1 takes place behind the walls of St. Frosts Academy - a school for slackers, troublemakers and idiots.
At first everything seems normal, but soon, children start to go missing...

Features: 16 main story missions, 13 side missions, 20 lessons to attend, 60 rooms to explore, 50 collectable trading cards to find, 60 achievements to complete, over 30 unlockable extras, and much much more...

Please be patient with the loading, the game file is over 10 megs so it might take a small while depending on your connection.

Arrows / WASD - Movement
Shift - Walk/Run (auto-run now on by default)
Space - Interact / Talk / Advance conversation
P - Pause Menu
Mouse is used for menus, dialogue box & other interfaces
Change auto-run & text speed options in the options menu.
You can also unlock double-speed after earning 10 achievements. (doesn't take long)
This can be toggled on in the Game Mod section of the options menu.

For those using Internet Explorer having trouble moving (delayed keyboard reactions / sticky keys), please try the game in Chrome or Firefox. Otherwise, try the following fix:
Click Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> uncheck protected mode.
Or if you don't want decreased security, try the alternative fix posted here: http://www.kongregate.com /forums/7-technical-suppo rt/topics/67250-fix-for-k eys-sticking-in-games-in-
This seems to be a specific known issue with Internet Explorer with intensive flash games. You won't lose your progress by switching browsers.
We are aware that some people are having lag issues.
Please make use of the quality options and we'll be working on improving performance as much as we can.
The game runs better in Chrome and Firefox, so if you have them, try that in the meantime. You won't lose your progress by switching.
We apologise to those of you who think the translations are bad.
It was never made to be translated into 4 other languages, but it was a requirement from our sponsor.
We did not use Google Translate, we used a company used by our sponsor.
I only speak English, so I could never have known the quality of the translations. Please don't downrate the game because of this.
If you speak good English, I recommend you just stick with English.


awesome game!

really sweet game, cant wait for part 2. one question though; i didnt see daves profile on the computer database... was this by accident, or does it hold some hidden meaning?

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OK honestly

One of the best games I played on here but i can't help but notice that some parts and bits remind me greatly of the video game Bully by Rockstar studios: some guy gets expelled from school so he comes to a school for trouble makers and the special, people hate him cause he's new, he starts to make friends, he helps out teachers and slowly becomes popular, then thanks to one guy all his popularity goes down the drain and he has to find a way to get revenge and show the school that he's not a complete asshole. so yea sounds familar

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GP-studios responds:

I have played the game Bully, but it did not influence the game much at all to be honest... or not that I'm aware of. Certainly not plot-wise. And to be honest, I didn't enjoy the game much so I don't think I'd try to emulate it too much :)
Naturally the plots are similar, because they take place in similar surrounding and involve the-new-kid-in-school character.
Anyway, I just want to make it clear that we aren't in any way trying to copy Bully :)

Is there any way...

Is there any way to unlock the other ? door on the second floor of the dormitory? The one to the South?

Also: awesome game. Looking forward to playing the sequel. One criticism - should be able to play as a girl.

GP-studios responds:

No, it can't be opened.
We tried to make sure people didn't try/think they could by making it so you can't interact with it.

Daily Feature.. OMG

Gratz for the Daily Feature, you have doing a great job.

Really excellent

A very polished game, really fun and lots to do. I particularly enjoyed the Jeremy Kyle reference when you switch on the TV.

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