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Just A Zombie Game

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This is Just a Zombie Game. You use your shotgun to let the zombies know who's the boss around here. And there might be a few other things trying to kill you.


how do u shoot

needs more improvement!

the third boss doesn't die? good music!

alphabetabiatch1 responds:

That's weird, I'll look into it. Thanks for mentioning


well its a good game dude but can you maka beter grafics and more wepoons when you do that a give you the 10 ok


i rly liked it, i loved the music, and the gameplay experience is certainly well balnaced and completed.
just need to fix some bugs in the bosses, but very cool game bro!

alphabetabiatch1 responds:

You can always PM me if you encounter any bugs.
Glad you liked it. A lot of effort was put into this, and I'm glad it paid off.


Nice game,but boring after a little time.I liked the boss fight.But when I won I went in a shop i bought health pack and then I kept walking right I fell(I guess I didn't see anything,but I have some TGF experience) and then I couldn't do anything

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alphabetabiatch1 responds:

Fixed it, thanks for the report. Glad you liked it. Oh, you have to walk left to exit the shop, and you don't need to kill all zombies.

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