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Crack the code!

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You will see words, numbers, and texts.
From these things, you will get a password.
Use that password to get to the next level!


1) "ysae" is "easy" backwards... easy, huh?
2) In this letter to santa, there are four upper case letters. It is N E X, and T... "next"!
3) The alphabet... H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, and so on... (Password "hello"!)
4) Squint your eyes and you will see that the text says "spaceship"!
5) Solve the math stuff and then do as you did at level 3. (Password "hard"!)
6) Take the last letter in every sentence and you will get "song".
7) If you look closely there is a word somewhere there... the word is "game"!
8) You can select one word with your mouse...
it is the word "text".
9) There is 3 boxes with four words in each.
The only thing that this words have in common is that they all have one special letter in all on them... take the first box for an example... all the four words have the letter S in them.
And in the second one they all have the letter U, and so on. the password is "sun".
10) Do like you did in level three... but do it backwards... so Z is the first letter, and A is the last one. You will get the password "end"... because... it is the end of the game...


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fun and really original

i tried to solve it on my own but when i couldnt quite get it i couldnt help but just read all of the instructions lol. it was still original and creative too.

PizzaGurkan responds:

LOL! Thanks :D

Good game

But there is the walkthough. :(

PizzaGurkan responds:

I know, it is extremly hard to not cheat when you know how to ;)


...you gave us the answers thanks. nice anyway

PizzaGurkan responds:

Thanks to YOU for commenting :D
Have a nice day!


BUt it was too tricky sometimes.I really needed the walkthrough...

PizzaGurkan responds:

Some people on another game site though this was too easy xD
I guess it is hard to make evry1 is happy :)
But thanks for the comment, and that you played my game.
Have a nice day!