Pirates of Time [DEMO]

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This is only a demo the full version will be MUCH MUCH MUCHE Better



You seriously need to do something with the players character. I'm guessing he is supposed to be carrying a sword but frankly it looks like he has an erection. Other than that I'm afraid I have to agree with Cunas points.

Did i miss sth?

Sorry, but i cant give any star to this "game".

Graphic: -3 / 10 (i mean ... what is this? Only your tiny skull at the selection board (Newgrounds -Flash Portal) looked interesting ... Your rest graphics are just bad doodles which where made in 3 sec with mousepad or sth.)

Sound: 0/10 (there was no sound)

Common things which belong to a game:
- Replay button (missed)
- Start Button (ok at least there was sth. like a start button)
- Upgrades? - (not a bit)
- Levelselection? (o.O)
- more than 10 Level? (not even a 2. stage!)
- Weapon? (no)
- Anything special at all??? (he can jump ... woohoo -.-)

Okay... i think you get my point. This was just a bad result of a tiny tutorial on how to do a jump&run on flash.

Please try again - maybe with more effort.

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im hoping

im hoping the full version will be much better and it would be smart not to have the full version at a price... nobody would buy it

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not bad.

for a demo, it had all the basics of a platformer. nice job.


The demo looks great. If the main game is on par with this it should be a really good
game. I cant wait for the full version.

of course since it is only a demo I can't give any more than an 8.

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1.51 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2011
10:51 PM EDT
Adventure - Other