Rapid Click

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Click circles to remove them once they turn green. Click and drag to get rid of circles faster (take too long and they will crack) Submit your score and compete with your friends!


execution wasn't too good

this game is certainly an interesting concept. I don't believe I've seen many games like this. however, I think it could have used some music in order to be more enjoyable. also, It might have only been me, but I think that the drag thing was slightly dodgy. I tried starting at a certain dot, and going around, and It didn't do anything. I tried starting at other places, I made sure the line was straight across it, and it still wouldn't disappear. to make it simple, it didn't work well. it made some disappear, but not many. also, the graphics are quite average. not bad, but not exactly 'outstanding'. also, it might have been slightly more enjoyable if i was allowed to click on the white circles instead of having to wait for some to grow green. the fact that it was slightly slow, turning to green, made me feel like the name was incorrect. I'm not saying the name's an issue, just try and make it a bit more fast-paced. that's about it, so to recap: nice concept, Could use music, controls weren't welldone, graphics are average, could make it more fast-paced. to put it plain and simple: The execution of this game wasn't too good.

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2.03 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2011
9:25 PM EDT
Skill - Other