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Get your creature to the exit in every level using... PORTALS! An awesome game heavily inspired by Portal!


Seems buggy

I like the concept, and the art/music was wonderful, but the gameplay itself seemed lacking. Sometimes I would make a portal and move over it, but the guy would just slide right past or bounce off. Both portals were placed on valid surfaces, but I just couldn't get through the portal. Tweak this a bit and you've got a very good game on your hands.

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really cool

its very colorful and creative its not the best game ever but it is very fun so its more of a 8.5 than a 8

Now this is cool!

I admit that it's very hard for me to understand, but I love this for how creative it is! Everything is just so well detailed, especially with how there's something to look at in every part of this game. I have no idea what the thing is that I'm even controlling, but it sure looks awesome! The only beef I have is that it's hard to understand with the Space button and the white stuff coming out and everything else. Of course, I have to give you credit for creating something truly innovative. The music is great too.

It's obvious you guys were looking for something unique to create. I'm glad there are such a wide variety of things mofunzone has sponsored. Everything just looks so lush and everything! I wish you a happy Fourth Of July even though this has nothing to do with the Fourth Of July. It was fun to just toss this weird guy around everywhere.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2011
1:57 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding