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License to Combo 2

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Front Page! Thanks newgrounds, you all rock! :)

Yo! I'm glad to finally release this barrage of videos. Many of these clips were for combo execution tournaments held over at fluidanims.com. I always try to shoot for stylish-brutal action in my animations, because that is what I love, and it entertains. Check it out and enjoy!


Almost passable but almost

I had never created an account for this site until I saw this, I had to post a review and unfortunately it's not a kind review.

The animation looked alright but it's nothing I haven't seen before and the "combo's" to me were laughable, too short and something that could have been executed better, with a name like License to Combo I expected epic combo's that reached into the 50 hit range but they were long chains of delayed punches and kicks, so it was lame for me.

The length of the flash was also short for me and it could have been longer, but with most stick animations they aren't usually that long so this is alright with me; point is, the fighting could have been better, combo's more thought out and executed better and the sound effects should have had more impact.

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Only If..

I imagine this is what a blow job would feel like if I were ever on the receiving end of one....I have no pee pee :(

Combo display is not a fight; it's a massacre

Beginning is epic. In the first part I found it not very clear that the green guy had momentum forward when he went off-screen and the piercing stab was unconvincing. Voices in the last part were kind of lame... but funny. Final attack shout was adequate, though.
Rest is just fluent surprising good old stick mayhem. Very Nice.
By the way the third part reminds me of something I saw on flipnote...

Flaming Combos ftw!

The whole thing was well choreographed, I watched in awe as the stick figures dished out blow after blow to their opponents, but my awe soon turned to dismay as I realized that the opponents weren't fighting at all...
Really good demonstration in the ability to use these stick figures, as well as a remarkable imagination (sword carrier for example), the humoristic touch was excellent (for me defined by the 'pokerface' stance, which I lolled so hard at) and well chosen music along with perfectly synchronized sounds, including the voices.
Oh yes, I must bring up the 'boss walk' near the end of this flash; did you mean for that to be taken seriously by any coincidence, because it looked to me like the walk of a queer model, striding bravely down the catwalk, bearing a FABulous outfit to pose in.

Absolutely loved it, great for a laugh as well as a demonstration of ass-kicking.

Two thumbs up!


haha i thought instantly when i saw "boss walk" i instantly said "BOSS WALK LIKE A BOSS" but seriously i loved the flow of the animation and all the fighting scenes i whish this was made a game or something similar

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4.26 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2011
1:17 AM EDT