Epic Jet Plane Adventures

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Author Comments

Guide the jet plane out of mayhem! My first 3D test flash.

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Not too bad

It's a decent little flight simulator.
Only real problems I can think of are the perspective, which makes it hard to see where you're going, and the movement speed of the airplane, it moves to slowly horizontally and vertically to properly avoid the obstacles.

Celvan responds:

good point, i'll make the plane's x axis faster when i make a new flash


realy nice! now take somthing like this convert it to tanks on terrain (yes sphereical terrain) make it so they can go any direction 360 degrees give the tanks some guns that shoot and make it multiplayer (destroyable terrain would also be nice but not neccisary) and you got yourself an awesome multiplayer shooter game! (alternatively make it against CPUs but i think playing other people is more fun) lol actualy make it both planes and tanks and it can be kinda like starfox

Celvan responds:

thanks, the whole flash was sort of an idea sprouted from the starfox game, so i see where you're headed at


where is the game, Ive waited for 15 minutes and all i see is a white screen. maybe you didn't upload correctly, maybe you didn't make it right. point is I CAN'T PLAY IT. fix it and i'll give you stars

Celvan responds:

well the other comments says it works. maybe you shud update your flash player...hint hint hint

i actually really like this

however, use different colors for the ground and the obstacles. it's somewhat difficult to see which is which as it's coming from the horizon, and it's hard to judge how much room you have for error as the obstacles are coming toward you.
with a bit of polishing, this game looks very promising!

Celvan responds:

thanks dude, i'll use ure help when i work on a new game :)

Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2011
9:34 PM EDT
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