Lullaby - No Time to Rest

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This is something I been working on for the pass two weeks, animation of Lullaby running throw a forest at night. Wasn't easy and required a lot of work, but fun. Note it's the first time using a tablet, it would have been done sooner if it was able to show what i'm doing on the actual tablet's screen. *sighs* oh well. I also added sound and if you watch for about 10 to 20 seconds, you'll see a fox pop up in the foregrounds.

Lullaby (c) me Beth M. M. Dennis


Very nice!

This is really good. Great job! Good attention to detail. The walk seems a bit stiff, as if the horse-like character is stepping very deliberately. But this is good and I encourage you to do more! :)

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way to run, uh, go

You should edit the title to tell people its only a WIP or animation loop. Also this demo stuff generally belongs into the dump and the forums.
Despite that it might look promising but you should take a look at humans running, there's a distinctive jump phase in which no leg touches the ground. This here looks like speed walking with headwind. I like the fact you at least put a bit of audio in there.

littlekittysilver responds:

Dude. For starters, I'm not really use to the tablet and telling someone that their hard work belongs in the dump form is really effencive to young artist who are still starting out, I only been animating for the pass 5 months now and in my animation class that I passed with a 94% and 100% on every animation assignment thrown at me as well as I was the best animator there. Let along as I mention in the artist comment, I'm not use to using a tablet.

Secondly, I know how humans run because I spent most my childhood running like hell trying to get away with the people trying to kill me.

Third, this isn't a demo, trust me. I only posted my best work so far on New Grounds when on DeviantArt I'll post anything I think is actually good to be seen.

Fluid movement

Pretty fluid movement, but I'd recommend making the movement a little faster for more of a running effect. It looks more like she's doing the angry, speed-walk. XD. The scenery is pretty good, too. (^_^).

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2.46 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2011
5:10 PM EDT