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You are a Robot who woke up in what looks like the factory he was made in. Now he wants to escape, but discovers he had been reformatted and forgot how to do anything but jump
Help him escape and recover his abilities in the way!

This has been reuploaded as it had a problem with website lock.
Additional notes:
You can jump with [SPACEBAR]. It says WASD but well that meant about ducking and moving left and right.
You can reset the level with [R]
You can control volume with [+],[-], and [0]

Enjoy. Any feedback is welcome.


Kinda Frustrating


I had a difficult time just getting through the three doors on the second screen. When you are on the platform just to the left of the door (outside the little room), once the door is open, you have to short jump to get through it. Player should just be able to walk through. Furthermore, when you exit the door, your player falls through that platform... I'm guessing the game is remembering that last short jump you did to get by the door in the first place?

Is it possible to just mute the music and keep the sounds?

On the level where you get the wall jump: If you go back section on the lower left, where there is a one-block opening, and jump on the wall above it, and try to simply "slide through", you'll find it quite challenging. The robot gets hung up on the upper right corner of the tile below the opening, switching between upright and wall-jumping positions. (if you need a screen shot or video, let me know - I'll be happy to send you one.)

There are various spots where the robot gets hung up on a top corner of a tile.

I'm guessing you had some trouble or didn't care for categorizing the game, and just decided to put "Game"? This should be under Action - Platformer - Puzzle, although I didn't encounter much action, but that's the closest description. (:

In the Storage Lobby Lobby screen, the text underneath that was too small to read. The "Storage Division Lobby" label itself, could be a little bigger, too. The size of the fonts in the upper left were fine.

Bit of a difficulty curve in the game. I gave up on the level that starts you on the right of a diamond-shaped tile structure with water inside it.

- Ziro out.

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GreyKnightGames responds:

Thanks a lot for kind of stopping and actually making a good (in an objective way) review.

I agree with the problems this game has, but i'm afraid there's not much i can do, it's the engine. You see, i'm not using flash itself to make it.

About the category, i was sure i selected just that, A/P/P... must have slipped through my mind.

And i apologize about the storage loby screen, I am on a 1080p 27" screen so i thought if i could see it anyone could, heh. I'll take this into account for future projects.

Controls kill game.

I can see that you put a lot of thought into this game but not a lot into the controls.
WASDE works fine so long as you keep is together but the SPACEASDE set up that you have paired with the slipperiness of the game make the controls clumsy and hard to manage. Next time put a little more thought into the control set up.

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GreyKnightGames responds:

1 to 5 from thumb to pinky
SpaceBar= 1

I don't see the problem. You can even play it with one hand.

It looks cool but...

Couldn't get it to work...

GreyKnightGames responds:

And this is my fault because...?

Too Derivative

The game is derivative of previous games like the "Robot Wants Kitty" series and "K.O.L.M." In my rating, I really have to remove points for the lack of originality.

The controls were a bit glitchy on the first stage, in that the character did not move smoothly over platforms and through doors. This seemed to be resolved on later stages, though I did find a couple spots here and there where I had to jump to cross an otherwise smooth surface. It is also a bit annoying to jump down platforms to ground previously covered.

Sounds were good. The color palate used was rather dull and made the game uninteresting. This is especially noticeable compared against "Robot Wants Kitty." The main character lacked the personality of the robots from the aforementioned games as well.

Overall, your game is playable. But because it has been done before, and done better, it wasn't an interesting game to play. You've got some game-making skills, which I think would be better suited to original ideas. If you had come up with a new twist on the aforementioned games, your game would have stood out more. If I were to have the urge to play a robot platformer, I'd go back to "Robot Wants Kitty" or "K.O.L.M."

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GreyKnightGames responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I agree on your objective points about movement. I'm afraid i haven't seen neither of those series/games.

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3.06 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2011
12:02 PM EDT
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