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Transformers Darkside

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Well well well. This here is the most horrible creation I have ever created. Even though I kept saying "don't put to much detail into it" I ended up putting detail into it (not a lot). Since Transformers 3 recently came out and robot day is this weekend. I thought why not, and crapped out this for you.

Forgive the lame jokes but do enjoy.

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I love you guy. this shit is funny. thank you!!!!

Not Bad

Keep Up The Good Job

much better than the actual movie.

The movie was basically two hours of that. >:(

way cool flash

You also go by the name of studio-nightbird right? I recognized your voice and your animation style. It was rather entertaining to watch. You always seem to do that quite well. great work!

RickkMurray responds:

haha thanks yoink, its been a while. Glad to know my voice and art work is some wat recognizable :)

anyway thanks for the review and like always thanks for watching :D

take care


this was written perfectly.