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Mini Room Escape

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The aim of the game is to escape from the room by getting its door opened. Click on the objects on the screen to guess the clues.

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I can't break the trend.........awfull

After reading the awful comments I did find the music and I would have been satisfied without it. It was way to happy; and not happy in the same way of finding a hundred dollar bill nestled firmly in the buttock's of your super model girlfriend, but happy in a way the only a xanax, a shot of whiskey and a blowup doll can quench. It was a little obvious on what to click so it made me feel a little confident; like when you give everybody a ribbon in gym class, even the slow kid who sat in the field touching himself and eating butterflies. That said and done, I believe you are in the right direction, I would suggest adding more areas instead of one screen shot. Also, maybe make the music a feature that is not part of the game and you can toggle. I give this a 9 out of 10 because it's better than anything I could do. Keep up the good work.

tormenter69 responds:

Thanks! I feel good to be positive. I developed this game as a parody to some of the most complicated escape games, which cannot be played without a walkthrough.
In these games the clues are hidden or of the same color of the background and it is not possible to find them. I think the walkthrough is published by the developer himself to enable every body to play the game LOL!

A little too short.

I wouldn't say this was awful but It was a little short and glitchy after a few playthroughs. I know it's supposed to be a mini escape game but maybe some better graphics and a longer, smoother game would've been better. Still playable though so I'll give you that :)

I agree with below.

I agree with Gearsofcake. This game is just awfull.

tormenter69 responds:

Learn how to spell. It should be awful and not awfull.


no music. no point, no fun. in shorter terms awfull.

tormenter69 responds:

First: Learn how to spell. It should be awful and not awfull.
Second:There is music, you can hear it by clicking music system button.

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1.49 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2011
2:01 AM EDT