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The Average Stick Guy Bet

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Author Comments

Rate it whatever you like, blam it (if you MUST) but please leave a helpful review. Don't blam it just because it's beta, I need help guys! A storyline is coming next but I REALLY need help with testing, i need you to tell me whatever bugs you find! It's hard for one person to do it by oneself. I know there's a lot to be done, I've worked for about 3 hours total on this and I'm sick of working right now and would like to see some helpful ideas. THIS IS NOT SOME DUMB TUTORIAL PLATFORMER if you'll notice I've created my own engine that detects distance from the ground, air resistance, and takes all of this into consideration. So, for the instructions: run around with the arrow keys, jump and check out how it calculates distance from ground, etc. Click on your enemy for options, and click outside the box to clear it out. Click on an option to select it. Use Melee to attack with a larger hit, and use magic to attack with a small hit but remove Defence Points from the enemy. To Do: Scene for defeat, scene for the win; Input MP; Make MORE ENEMIES!!11; Finish animations; write a storyline; put in some audio!; give XP and allow for advancing levels; anything else you suggest!

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cool stick man dudd we one more from you and yugioh so bring it out man!

alexkolozsy responds:

:D Thanks man!


its great if there was stuff to do. the only thing i think you could change is the art. everything else, controls, movement, is differently good. its fun that it looks sketchy.

alexkolozsy responds:

Thanks man! I'm making more enemies and more options soon!


The movement is fine, but make something to hit or enemies... Submit a more complex demo.

alexkolozsy responds:

More complex demo coming soon!

Get fundamentals solid 1st before adding extras


Considering that was written in the author comments, I feel you on getting constructive feedback - it's like pulling teeth - you won't get it often. Regarding the beta aspect: people generally prefer finished submissions on Newgrounds, and dueto the blam/protect nature of things, if may have been better to submit to the alpha section of the site (I don't even know if that section is working - it always gives me an error when I try to go there), or to simply upload it somewhere else altogether, like FlashKit.

On to the game, sounds like you have some ambitious ideas, but based on what I've seen so far, here are some suggestions. Since there isn't much gameplay here, most of these are related to user friendliness and user accessibility, both of which I often find overlooked in Flash games.

- Since you are using mouse and keyboard to control the player's actions, and this being a platform game, add the WASD keys for movement. Your current config of arrow keys is nice for left-handed people, and right-handed people will want to move the player's character with WASD keys while moving the mouse.

- Currently, the mouse is only being used to interact with the black box. Unless the mouse will become a crucial part of controlling your character, I'd place that function as a key on the keyboard.

- You should also consider adding the ability for the player to remap the default keys as they like.

- Adding specialized animations for ascending and descending during a jump are nice polish, and I like how you took it a step further by adding more poses for moving jumps to differentiate them from a non-moving jump. However, the character jerks back a little on the moving jumps when it witches from ascending to descending.

- After battling the opponent the first time and dying, each time thereafter, it doesn't refill my health, and the opponent instantly attacks, killing me.

- Clean up the terrain movement, so the player moves smoothly along the hills. When moving down hills, you can see him leaving the ground for a split second at times.

- Once you get to adding audio to your game, please consider adding the ability to mute sounds and music separately.

- Throw a pause function in as well.

- I didn't see the game measuring distance from the ground anywhere. Was this meant to be visible? There is a green text that always reads 250.

- It look like your doing a quick "sweep" to keep the screen scroll focused on the player. Personally, I never liked these "sweep/tween" scrolling methods in platform games. They're fine when resetting your player after a fall (although I'd slow it down a bit), but I don't like it when it sweeps while I'm moving, even if the duration of the sweep is small.

- No ActionScript run-time exceptions were encountered.

- Clean up the engine, get everything solid, then focus on improving your graphics, gameplay, and all the other things you plan on adding.

Oh, and come up with an interesting name for your engine, too. (:

Good luck/skill on your project, soldier.
* salutes *

- Ziro out.

alexkolozsy responds:

Thanks for an excellent review! I just took into account everything you said, added a pause button, changed it from being so 'twitchy' which I think was VERY true, and also smoothed up movement over the ground. I am working now on changing the movement of the camera, so that it tweens over (relatively) slowly after death, and before game start, and afterwards stays completely focused on the character. Late tonight or early tomorrow I will add acceleration, a 'slide' animation, a duck button, and a crawling, where you duck and move. I smoothed the animations (slightly) but I don't think they look better, and I kind of want the cartoony look. I adjusted the health etc. so that it restarts and you can re-battle. I'm in the process of adding another enemy. Music, I will ask someone about giving me full rights to some good music, maybe for a tip. Removed the green debugging text. Thanks again for the helpful review. Going to get a better name. No storyline yet, but I'll make one. <-- That's the easiest part. Thanks man. Once again. UPDATE: *** Okay I just attempted to display the distance from the ground. It freezes flash player. I also tested it in GC and MF and IE, and it worked on none of those. It overloads the system I guess. I'm troubleshooting it but I think I might just have to not display distance from ground. It DOES allow me, although, to check it every second or so allowing me to tell whether he is about falling distance or jumping distance and return an animation based on that. ***


so after u kill the black box, one u go over and clik on him again ur stuck there. also, the instructions i would not have as a scrolling text, very annoying, either put it in background game or on a closable box, and dont have attacks just do 0 damage, change it to miss or something or dont have it be 0, just looks kind of dumb. also, atack animation i would have run a bit quicker, seeing it a bunch of times kind of annoying, and when he does magic atack it just change to a green box casting it.

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2011
6:57 PM EDT